Patch 1.1 Progress Update

Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game.

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Patch 1.1 Progress Update

Post by Jekky » Fri May 05, 2017 6:40 pm

Since it has been some time since the last patch went live, we are posting this progress update to let you all know that we are still working on the next patch, and what sort of things to expect from it.

The patch will of course include bug fixes - a more stable and playable game experience in general, there will be new things for your Agents to do, and the biggest things is that we will be improving the AI to provide a more fun and challenging game.

So far, we are about 50% done with the changes and improvements. Details of what we are doing in each area are below:

Agents: Incite Rebellion
Your Agents will now be able to Incite Rebellion in another Realm - Agents on this mission will move from province to province, spreading lies and discord as they go - each province affected will have an increased chance to have Rebels spawn in it each turn.

Agents: Counter-Spy
Any Agent left at home doing nothing will now engage in Counter-Spying activities in your realm. This means that for every Agent you leave at home, there is a chance for them to uncover any Agents belonging to other realms operating inside your borders - if an Agent is disvocered, they will flee back to their home, and you will have the option to apply a diplomatic penalty.

AI: Resources and Gold
The AI will be better at managing its resources and gold stockpiles - It will allocate funds to various activities to avoid running out of money for certain things. It will also be better at making use of the marketplace (which is also being improved and fixed) and trading for the resources it needs.

AI: Units
The AI will be better at choosing units to purchase - no longer spamming the cheapest unit all the time. It will also be better at organising it's units into armies and making use of them.

AI: Espionage
The AI will make proper use of it's Agents, sending them on covert missions (where practical, some realms only have a single Agent). It will also use the new Counter-Spy and Incite Rebellion missions detailed above.

AI: Personality
The AI will be getting more personality - expect the Iron Barony AI to be an aggressive warmonger, while Crivia will use Agents to meddle in the affairs of others. These changes will add a lot more fun and believability to the world of Sovereignty.

AI: War
The AI will be getting a new approach to how it decides who (and when) to go to war with, this will be partly connected to the addition of more personality, so that ancient blood fueds will actually play a part in how the game unfolds. The AI will also be getting improvements in how it carries out wars. It will have specific targets and goals for each war which it will attempt to carry out.

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