Missed opportunity?

Sovereignty is a turn-based fantasy strategy game for the PC. It combines a kingdom management campaign game with a general's level tactical battle game.

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Missed opportunity?

Post by Petiloup » Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:57 am

First time I bought a game and having this feeling.

One part of me loves this game and want to play it over and over again even though it crashes more often than kites in a storm.

Another part hates it as knowing there isn't even a remote chance for me to lose a game [assuming complete conquest as didn't try other scenarios].

The parts I love are the multiple factions, the tactical battles, the multiple units difference between factions, the magic,... there are many things going for this game if it weren't for the weak AI for a veteran player, the uselessness of building towers [less range than siege troops], no AI strategic thinking [attacks done by a few troops everywhere instead of many at your weakest point], not much tactical thinking either [no formation like infantry covered by archers], the AI trading inadequacies [you can sell anything to the AI even if they have tons of that item already],...

I played Jotland, Cor Vilaad, Palemoor, Sirucil, Cloudfells and now Crivia, without losing one game.

So there is that first part of me that hopes the developer would do a Sovereignty 2 one day adding those features:

- a more challenging AI for Tactical battles understanding that using a formation with infantry covered by range weapons with cavalry to provide the final blow is a must.
- a more challenging AI for building a winning Strategy.
- different limits for buildings and fortifications so you could build towers, castles, fortress,... that mean something during tactical battles. You would then bother to build fortifications as it was done during the middle ages.
- a capital should be a major objective requiring experienced troops with siege weapons and not another region like any other regions.
- a total fog of war unless using scouts or magic maybe combined with the fact that armies could come to the help of the defender if nearby. For example if the turn limit is reached and the attacker could decide to extend that limit with the risk of those nearby enemy armies to join.
- agents could be used to kill mages to reduce Magic or remove spells. Magic is a great idea but it feels like a sideshow as no real power compared to armies. We should fear magic and aim to have spell shield, magic points,... This would give another level to the game.
- flying creatures should be able to cross seas and attack ships.
- choosing new skills for troops due to experience is also a great idea but it's a bit too random. For example I had to choose between Fearsome and Shackles every time while if a unit could get both then it's would be a very dangerous unit.
- choose which troops to remove when you don't have enough funds instead of random.
- add the hero on a unit so if killed it's automated retreat but it adds a bonus to the unit and some discipline to the army.

Overall to make it feel more like a real world at war. Ah, and also do some nice ending when you finish conquering the world... just a note like "You met your objectives" isn't a great feel after taking the time to beat the game.

Now for a first, overall this game is worth buying if you aren't not a veteran player. It has quite a bit to offer.

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Re: Missed opportunity?

Post by Breca » Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:39 am

As mentioned in another post, we hear you. We are working on a complete AI overhaul--not a tweaking of the current AI, but rebuilding it from the ground-up. If you like the lore, the new AI will also feature unique personalities for each realm. Stay tuned!

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