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Questions about new graphics

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2012 1:47 pm
by Sam808
I'm very excited to see that the new vehicle, infantry, and terrain graphics are around the same scale for the upcoming game. Hopefully the game is easily modded.

If I understand correctly, larger scaled vehicle graphics will allow for much higher quality images. I am wondering if the new unit graphics will support pixel transparencies? Do the 32 bit graphics also apply to vehicles?

Perhaps we could see a scaled-up screenshot of some of the new vehicles?

Here's a screenshot I posted on another forum of a PZ IV sprite I'd like to see in the new CC game. (I didn't make the sprite; I only re-painted it.)
MetalSprite2.jpg (8.31 KiB) Viewed 4230 times
I am wondering if this type of sprite is possible? It is roughly 10 pixels/meter scale. The improvement on graphics bit level and proper scaling in CC has been long overdue!

Re: Questions about new graphics

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 4:26 pm
by Sam808
Hmmm, I guess my question is better asked: Do vehicle images have an alpha channel? I studies some older CC images and yes, they of course have transparent pixels. What I'm wondering is will the new game support pixels of varying transparency levels, or blurred pixels? This would help for more photo-realistic images.

Re: Questions about new graphics

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:32 pm
by SteveMcClaire
Yes, the new graphic files all have an alpha channel and thus you can do transparency in any of them without using the old CC convention of 'full white = transparent'. The only exception to this is the map files -- these do not have an alpha channel and are 24 bit RGB files. There's nothing 'behind' the map on the CC screen so transparency didn't make much sense for those, and that one extra byte per pixel makes a huge difference in file size for the maps.