Poll: Scapa Flow supply

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What to do about Scapa Flow

1. Keep Scapa Flow as is (fortress without production so it loses supply if no link to a city in Scotland)
2. Change Scapa Flow from a fortress to a city. That means Scapa Flow will always give supply level 3 unless bombed down to red.
3. Change production by moving 1 PP from Liverpool (3 to 2) to Scapa Flow (increase from 0 to 1). This means Scapa Flow ill always be in supply.
Total votes: 17

Peter Stauffenberg
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Poll: Scapa Flow supply

Post by Peter Stauffenberg » Mon Jun 09, 2014 5:35 pm

Please vote for one of the 3 options

Option 1 is to keep as is.

Option 2 doesn't change production, but makes sure Scapa Flow always remains a supply source. It loses its fortress status, though.

Option 3 moves production from Liverpool to Scapa Flow, but makes sure Scapa Flow remains its fortress status and can become a supply source.

Please remember that the production level of 3 for Liverpool also includes nearby cities like Manchester. This area of England had a lot of industry.

One could argue that keeping Scapa Flow in supply is similar to Gibraltar and Malta. Gibraltar and Malta are both isolated, but function as supply sources since they have a production of 1.

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Re: Poll: Scapa Flow supply

Post by GogTheMild » Mon Jun 09, 2014 6:38 pm

It occurs to me that a third option is to make SF a Rail Depot (whilst still a fortress (or, possibly, whilst not)). This would leave units on supply level 1, representing a trickle of supplies getting through whilst allowing em and disem-barkation. I am personally against it, but I could see how others might prefer it to any of the options above.

Also, option 2: "That means Scapa Flow will always give supply level 3 unless bombed down to red." Even if bombed down to red it will still give supply - at level 1 - because it will be a port.
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