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Post by lpgamble » Fri Apr 25, 2008 9:51 pm

Okay everyone is posting suggestions that they would like to see so I might as well.

Fantasy WWII

1) Totally random map generator (yes not historical at all)

2) Have two/four countries at war and set a bunch of minor countries to random alliance numbers.
So if we used WWII as an example Romainia would get a starting value of 2 which would be close to a German ally. Holland would get an 8 which would be close to the allies.

3) Several locations set up as colonies of the major powers.

4) Let countries spend Production points to have a chance at adjusting the ally number.

5) Neutral countries provide resources to their closer partner at a rate of 10% per ally number. Ex. Romania above has an ally number of 2 so would provide 30% (5-2 * 10%) resources to Germany.

This provides unlimited replay and lets you vie for minor powers or if you get tired of that pesky close stooge invade them.

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