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Technical Support for ELO

Post by DanH » Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:46 am

Tech Support ...... looking for a little "company" game "tech" support.......

For me the fact that there was such a thing as a FOG player ELO was a great attraction when I started playing version 1 ..... Just a short time before the roll out of v2. There was additionally for v1 an expanded index, an FAQ, and other resources available from the "company" that added to the overall quality of the game. Since v2 ( in my opinion...a really good game) these items have simply fallen off the support wagon...... But, we still have ELO ......... well ... I'm not so sure that that is still true ...... This is an entry that was posted in the North American FOG Forum in response to a question about when will ELOs be updated.

I "think" that a guy in Germany updates it as and when he gets time, and as and when he gets results sent to him.

The FAQ suggests this is how they are collated:

Q.: Tournament XYZ is missing in your database, can you please add it?

A.: Yes. Please send us the data. We are more than happy to have each (FoG:AM) tournament in our database.The easiest way is to have an Excel or OpenOffice Calc sheet filled and sent to us via Email: Important: We can only include tournaments for which we are provided with the complete data required. This includes: Tournament name, country, scale, number of rounds, player names, army names and especially all the results (by players and rounds, just the final standings are worthless to us, sorry). While not strictly required, we also appreciate additional informations like, theme/period/book, the name of the umpire or any jumper, and similar.

I understand that Martin Wirt in Germany posts all of the scores for ELO Thank you Martin for your efforts. I have been told that you do this on your own and you are not company supported as these efforts once were. Thank you .......

If anyone from Slitherine reads this ..... We still are asked to submit ELO inputs to Email: That address has your company listed where it all starts .... at the submission portal...... No way around it .... its your ELO whether or not it calculated or maintained by volunteers or not. I looked across the last dozen entries or so .. no surprises here....ITC cut across a bunch of countries... otherwise you get something that look like this..... France -1, Germany - 5, NZ - 2, Spain - 2, US - 1. Again Martin is doing a great job here..... he gives as much to others in the FOG community as he does his own FOG community.

FOG ELO sets this rule set apart in support for its players. It is important to players on many different levels. Without ELO FOG is just another rule set a good one but still just another rule set. My point here is not to criticize Martin but to point out to Slitherine that they should figure out a way to support the ELO and do so in a timely manner and for the entire community. The US has had two major tourney's submitted for months. We have two major tourney's scheduled for the next two weeks. In the end for all the tournaments held here in 2014, only 1 was posted - really.

Hello ...... any body home......

Dan Henderson, Biloxi, MS,

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