Hits from firing

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Hits from firing

Post by MalcolmBooth » Mon Dec 31, 2018 6:31 pm

This may have been covered but the search function keeps timing out, and it's also possible that it will be clarified/changed in 2nd edition, but...
On page 54, in the 'Result of firing' table, the result for 1 or 2 hits is split, with one saying 'CMT to advance' and the other 'Cavalry and any wavering unit must retire to 3MU if closer'
Does this mean:
1. Cavalry and any wavering unit have a mandatory retire to 3MU, all other units must pass a CMT to advance, remaining stationery if they fail, or
2. All units must take a CMT to advance; cavalry and wavering units which fail must retire to 3MU, all other units remain stationery

Also, the 4+ hits cohesion loss is starred, presumably this means -2 cohesion unless all fire is outside short range, in which case it become -1 cohesion

The 1/2 hits 'Cavalry and any wavering unit...' result is starred, but I'm not sure why

And a Happy New Year to all

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