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Great Battles Medieval fun game and tactically challenging

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:47 am
by GiveWarAchance
Just want to post this to say I had fun playing this game as both the English and French.
I finished the English campaign and I'm probably near the end of the French campaign now.
But they are very long campaigns with hundreds of battles.
The real delight is using longbows as the English to shred enemy formations, and the devastating knights of the French that can smash English companies with ease. Crossbows are also quite deadly but have shorter range.
There are early type cannon in the game too that are unpleasant to advance in front of unless they are on your side.
The colored kill icons that rise above formations as each soldier is smitten is quite delightful especially when mass casualties occur all at once like during a knight charge or volleys of arrows.

This is a unique game that has historical footage of History channel documentaries explaining why each major battle had to be fought. There are many smaller skirmishes with much variation in situations you can fight as well for xp and dollars.
The challenge of the battles is hard enough that I had to repeat many of them at least a second time to win. Occasionally I had to try up to like 5 times to win but that was rare.

This is like the Roman game where you can upgrade your units from worthless peasants to elite & deadly foot soldiers, archers, arquebus, or knights with countless skills, weapons, armor, shields and horses.
Like if you make a knight, you start with a peasant and buy a horse and weak sword and shield. Then you gradually upgrade to heavy armor, medium shield, lance or mace or sword, and choose from dozens of offensive & defensive skills until you have a ruthless killing machine instead of a scared peasant hiding in a barn. The numbers of skills and weapons is astonishing.
I hope many people try this game so they consider making a new installment to the mini series. The game has replayability too because of the huge variation in force you can build and the missions are very diverse with much choice for the player.

Thank you Slitherine for this good game.

Re: Great Battles Medieval fun game and tactically challengi

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 6:14 pm
by zakblood
agreed, i also liked it and think it's a hidden gem

Re: Great Battles Medieval fun game and tactically challengi

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:52 am
by Chickenqv1
What I like most about this game is the customization that gives a creative element to the game.

I very much enjoy outfitting my soldiers before a battle depending on terrain type and units the enemy have.

My only qualms is (for the Android version)
- Lack of support/updates
- No online multiplayer

I can do without multiplayer if perhaps there were a random battle generator.

Re: Great Battles Medieval fun game and tactically challengi

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:06 am
by RodyMetal
Hey, was just thinking about this game today and I thought I should post something here, well I was wishing for the first DLC of FOG2 to be medieval, then I remembered this game, played long time when it was released and I had fun, but then for some reason I forgot about it, I will install it today and see how it will go for me.. Questions: is there a possibility to see this title on steam? is there any plan to extend this system (pause-able real time with tiles) for a new upcoming title using the new engine?