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Britcon 2015 - 8/9th August, Manchester, UK

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:31 am
by madaxeman
We currently have 7 players registered fro Britcon this year, so ideally we can find an 8th so we can avoid any byes

Bookings are open at ... eonic.html

15mm Napoleonic
900pts - Any army
The following restrictions are in place for this competition
1) No more than 2 guard units in the army.
2) No more than 1 'regular' light infantry unit per division
3) Rivers and streams may not be placed more than 12MU from the side edge of the table.
4) If the battle does not end with one of the armies 'defeated' (as defined on page 74 of the rule book), all 'Wavering' units will count 1 pt towards the total "attrition points lost".
Points for wavering units are ignored until after 'Time' has been called.
72" by 48" tables

Games will be 3 hours 20 mins plus a 1-10 min(s) variable

Friday 1800 (earliest start), 2030 hours (latest start) - 2400 close
Saturday 0815-1145, 1230-1600, 1630-2000
Sunday 0830-1200, 1300-1630

Umpire: Terry Shaw
List Checker: Terry Shaw
List Deadline: 27 July

Re: Britcon 2015 - 8/9th August, Manchester, UK

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 10:26 pm
by hazelbark
I see
1st Simon Hall
2nd Andy Kitcher
3rd Steve Murton

Need more details and reports please.