waterloo refight

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waterloo refight

Post by navigator » Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:16 am

Hope this is ok on here...thanks Paul

Waterloo (Yet again) A 15mm refight
York, 18-29 May 2018

Paul Dawson and Paul Johnston are looking for players to join them in a 15mm refight of that old favourite, Waterloo. Inspired by their visit to the real life 200th anniversary re-enactment of the battle, the duo have spent the last three years building up their forces.
They are now ready to let battle commence!
Terrain has been hand crafted by artisans and is 12 feet long and 5 ft wide, with the L for Plancenoit adding a further 5 ft down one side. Every battalion, cavalry and artillery regiment will be represented.
Shako II rules will be used. But to speed up play, special house rules providing for Grand Tactical Movement (similar to Empire rules) will be used. These ensure an emphasis on spending the maximum time on close action fighting rather than on marching and manouvering!
Location will be a York city centre hall, within walking distance of the railway station, and with parking nearby.
Timings are approximate but we will be aiming for;
Friday 18th May, evening . Set up, order dissemination and first grand tactical actions
Saturday 9am-8pm. (Initial briefings where necessary) Gaming all day. Lunch will be eaten ‘in game’ to minimise down time
Sunday 9am – 4pm. Gaming. Lunch as per Saturday.
The Pauls are looking for around 10 other players to join them in the game. Players will control Corps sized commands so a working knowledge of Shako is preferable. The emphasis will, however, be on playing in a good spirit rather than on rules one upmanship.
Cost per player will be around £20, simply to cover room costs, (£170) and lunches if taken. It is hoped to raise some money for charity, so a small sponsorship commitment may also be required. More details to follow.
Anyone interested in taking part should contact Paul Johnston on paul@navigatorpr.com or call 07974 686 556. Ideally players will be available for the Friday night through to Sunday late afternoon but some flexibility can be shown.

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