le guarde! le guarde!

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le guarde! le guarde!

Post by Blathergut » Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:32 pm

Just a couple notes about the last battle. I ran a Middle Guard division with the French 1809 Corps. There were 9 bases of artillery in the army plus the Guard infantry had artillery attachments and a unit of veteran Line infantry had an artillery attachment. There was very little of the 4-hooved creatures to be sure!

-two units of artillery with the Guard division: never enough command points...Dead. would halt one and that was it...with the commander unable to join the artillery, that meant it was not prolonging that turn...I won't run two arty units in one division again :cry:

-two units of heavy arty, side-by-side, shooting into deep columns of Austrians was great fun at long range
-...but...once I drove them back (all the way to their table edge! :shock: ) I had nothing other than artillery in front of them and couldn't exploit or deliver the finishing blow
-...hussars behind the artillery seem to be essential...we will send to Nappy for more :twisted:

-while all that artillery was nice, I was continually hampered in my urges to get into the Austrian faces...and...always felt a tinge of guilt if I thought of driving past the arty with infantry and leaving it behind since it was all (vet heavies) so expensive...perhaps cheaper stuff so that I'm more likely to finally move the infantry/horse up through/past and limber it up and cart it off somewhere else

-all that firepower did keep the Austrian cuirassiers at bay...so the lack of cavalry didn't hurt in that regard

-still don't have the hang of how to use the Guard...didn't want them to get shot up going into masses of steady Austrians but, when one unit did, I was surprised that it survived a round of something like 12-15 dice and a ridiculous 7 or 9 hits and then I realized it was only going to drop 1 level :shock: :shock: :shock: and retire back to the comfy safety of the line...any suggestions on how to use these would be greatly appreciated

*edit* ...I hate grenzers...I hate grenzers...I hate grenzers...

*edit*edit* ...only truly glorious moment on the battlefield...the turn when a unit of conscript infantry successfully moved out of a building and a unit of regular line successfully moved in, all the while with shocked expressions on the faces of the Austrian cavalry nearby :twisted:

*edit*edit*edit* ...I like grenzers when my heavy artillery batteries open up on them and send them fleeing back through those dense Austrian units :twisted:

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