errata British Heavy Cav 1815

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errata British Heavy Cav 1815

Post by Ambiorix » Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:41 pm

Hi Terry,

First of all, thx for your game during IWC Brussels 2014, I enjoyed it, even if your Flank attack completely trashed me :oops: !

If you remember, you advised me to try out LARGE Heavy Cav units in my Anglo-Belgian list;

However, apart from the already discussed Cav restrictions for this List (see Topic on Anglo-Netherlands Army,
where a multinational Cav Div was proposed as solution), there is another problem with large Heavy British Cav :

- although a unit of 4 or 6 bases is allowed, the max is 8; in addition this max is also the min in case heavy and
Light Cav are in 1 Div (" min 8 bases each"); and in case I choose only Heavy Cav Div I still need 12 mandatory elements !

So how to take 'legally' a unit of 6 Drilled Heavy Dragoons (if 8 is max/min) or 6 veteran (max is 4) ?

possible solutions :
- increase max heavy Dragoons from 8 to 12
- in case of 1 Cav Div : min 6 each instead of 8 (=consisent with 12 mandatory Cav Elements) or alternatively stay at 8 for Light cav only (as these Brigades where generally bigger and more numerous than the Heavies).
- Allow multinational Cav Div (Brit/Belgian)

Thx for your ruling/clarification;

"Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae"

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