so are some staying with FOG 1.0?

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Re: so are some staying with FOG 1.0?

Post by MikeHorah » Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:25 pm

Speaking as a FOG(A) 1.0 late adopter I will probaby stick with it for the foreseeable future as I am still learning , and greatly enjoying playing it and creating new 28mm armies under the lists .

As I don't go to tournaments as a player ( never have in over 40 years) I am not much impacted by the issues folk are raising about the difficulties of using rules that are IT hardware based . But I do recall a set of wargames rules from the 1980's that were PC based called Eaglebearer that proved somewhat impractical to use even at home. But hopefully a way to market a hardcopy version of 2.0 may be found.That said I suspect I wll be selectve about changes and only write those into my copies of 1.0 that my usual opponents find relevent to the armies we use and appear to add to game enjoyment.

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