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Strategic War in Europe

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:45 am
by doublesixjunkie
Just bought the game. Running on Windows 7. Applied patch 1.08. When going through the tutorial 2 and 3 both crash. One on the upgrading of units once it gets to show the level 4 upgrade the other when showing how to upgrade a unit on the map.

I have to do a CTRL ALT DEL to get up windows task manager to close the program. :(

A bit worried that this game is buggy and now on this website notice not much support for the game.

Re: Strategic War in Europe

Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 6:53 pm
by Starvolok
I bought your game , I tried to play it as it was downloaded on another drive other than my system C drive which I had to redownload windows 7 onto because of a run in with a Registry repair program that destroyed the functionality of my computer so thus the reinstall of windows 7 , anyhow to the point, I press play on the game Strategic War in Europe and it tells me to reinstall the game the only problem is I no longer have the activation code serial number, you sent it to my email account which I had on Outlook the windows office program , I had this on my C drive which was wiped out along with every thing else after I reinstalled it, I have since reinstalled outlook as well and that email address is active again. I logged into my account here on Slitherines website and it only had the serial number for one game I purchased , Battle Academy but not Strategic War in Europe. why is that purchased game not also there? Also I read that you 'allow' unlimited downloads of games we purchase but you do not 'allow' access to that website were we might easily log in and find our game and thus download it again. instead we have to send an email and request this access. In the future ,now that I have experienced this for the second time I will not be purchasing any more digital downloads from Slitherine as I find this to be inconvenient and it actually angers me as you have been payed for the game so why am I not able to access it when ever I choose to? If I had a physical disk of the game I could , if It were on Steam I would not only have the key , I would also have the game to install , ( I have over 250 games on STEAM by the way).

Re: Strategic War in Europe

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:33 am
by VPaulus
Hi Starvlock,

Just contact support[at] with your order details (order reference number and email address used to place the order) and we will provide you with new download links. :)