Must have done something wrong

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Must have done something wrong

Post by KageToraUK » Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:26 am

All my copies of Close Combat except PITF and COI are displaying on half the screen, and it is impossible to quit without CTRL+ALT+delete. Can you help?

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Re: Must have done something wrong

Post by SteveMcClaire » Mon Jun 02, 2014 4:39 am

Hi KageToraUk,

It sounds like they were running okay, but suddenly stopped? Did you just change something about your computer? If so that's where I'd start looking for possible causes. Did you recent convert to Windows 8 perhaps?

Are you seeing the game scrunched into the side of the screen and the colors all distorted? Versions of CC prior to Panthers in the Fog used 16-bit color graphics, which will look like that if the video card or operating system forces it to display in a 32-bit screen mode.

To test for this, hold down the CTRL key when you're starting up one of the problem versions of CC. This should show you the game options dialog box before the game itself starts. Go to the 'General' options and under the screen mode, select the 'Windowed' checkbox. This will cause the game to run in a window of it's own, instead of trying to use the full screen. Quit the game and restart. If this works you can continue to use windowed mode until we can troubleshoot what might be causing the problem.


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