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Battle Academy iOS Bundle Pack!

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:33 am
by Daniele
Battle Academy is - according to the critics - “a wonderful title that nearly any gamer can pick up and play" and “a very addictive casual wargame".

The first chapter in the series, released in 2012. It was a breath of fresh air in the wargaming world with its approachable game style, full of tactical choices. Its sequel Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front, released just a few months ago, has taken the main virtues of his older brother, expanding the front to the wild steppes of Russia and adding a wealth of gameplay innovations.

Now you are able to get both these classics for only $ 29.99. Don’t forget you can also complete your set at a discounted price. That price depends what you paid for the game you have but if you paid $20, you would get the other game for only $10!

Do not miss this opportunity by clicking here or get more information about the games trough their official product pages here and here.

Re: Battle Academy iOS Bundle Pack!

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:53 pm
by friendlysnail
This is the most realistic turn based strategy game I have ever played, diverse units, accurate shell ballistics including penetrations,support from the mighty Katyusha rockets to 152mm howitzer to airstrikes, and the way the "turn based" mechanics work, might as well play real time because that's what it is, turn based real time, troops always fire back right? 20 dollars pfft I'd pay 100 dollars for this beast of a game!

Re: Battle Academy iOS Bundle Pack!

Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:38 pm
by Mythbuster
Yes, a good game ... but in three months you will not be able to play it anymore: With iOS 11 all 32 Bit games will stop working! And it seems that Slitherine will not update this any many other iOS games to 64 Bit ... a shame and more than 250 wasted Euros for that games ...

Re: Battle Academy iOS Bundle Pack!

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:54 pm
by fdsilveira
Dear Slitherine team,

Im an iOS 11 user who upgraded without noticing it would make my BA games unplayable. I have seen many comments of user attacking Slitherines integrity. Like them, Im also deeply saddened to see these games no longer work, but because these games are true ART forms. Its surreal to think BA was released in 2010. To this day, there has never been anything that compares to it and I do believe iPad was the best way to enjoy them.

I understand there are costs associated to recompiling in 64 bit, but why not chose to do so with such high quality games in your hands? Were the sales insufficient? My personal opinion it too many people never got to enjoy the game because the entry price gave sticker shock and there was no option to try it out. Maybe a free 30 rounds before a pay to unlock full version?

Please Slitherine team, there is demand for the game. maybe the sales strategy wasnt the best. Please dont let these unmatched artpieces die on mobile devices.

thank you - a fan

I believe you guys

Re: Battle Academy iOS Bundle Pack!

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:51 am
by LP01
110% agree

Battle Academy iOS Bundle Pack!

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:05 am
by dbaird521
Come on Slitherine Team! At least tell us your working on fixing the iOS compatability problem so I can keep playing this game on my iPad! I paid good money, in good faith, to own this game! Let us know your on it! PLEASE!

Re: Battle Academy iOS Bundle Pack!

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:00 am
by DonCzirr
I can't see this happening .... the Slitherine / Apple honeymoon is long over and dead ... and they have moved onto consoles instead as a secondary publishing platform.

There is hope however for you folks that did not keep an old iPAD contained from the IOS 11 'App'ocalaypse : ... mac-mobile

As usual, Apple is doing everything in their power to screw up this opportunity as well ..... but the effort is not dead - so keep your eyes open for developments in that thread.