Strategic Layer looking for ideas...

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Strategic Layer looking for ideas...

Post by rf900 » Tue Nov 10, 2015 2:30 pm


I am working on a strategic layer to have some sort of custom/random campaigns. Here is a link if you want to dig deeper on the process: viewtopic.php?f=312&t=68312


Right now I have some ideas on my head but not sure if they will be fun or representative of an actual campaign. The BA engine is quite flexible but has some limitations so just keep in mind that this is quite complex task. Here is a list of what I had in mind, let me know your thoughts and other alternatives to see if can be doable.

- There will be a single campaign map view with up to 64 game maps (may be possible to increase).
- The first one I want to create is based on the Eastern Front, with player as Germans attacking mostly and Russian defending, as AI is better at it.
- There will be several paths that will run parallel, player will assign supply points to each which will give the force points for each battle
- Battles can be either played or simulated, when played a skirmish will be launched with some predefined parameters from the campaign map and others from the player options (force points, orders...)
- After the battles each path will move according to the result. Surviving units will remain in the path (for the moment with only a force points value). A fix amount of time will pass and each side will get more supply points depending on the battles results and path progression.

For the future:

Add specific carryover units to each path that will be tracked.
Be able to transfer units from adjacent paths.

The system should be easily modifiable to change the campaign map, paths and game map positions.

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