Looking Ahead to Wolves from the Sea

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Looking Ahead to Wolves from the Sea

Post by Hoplite1963 » Sun Nov 27, 2011 9:22 pm

With the release of "Decline and Fall" we are going to have the first Field of Glory module which does not introduce any new figure images unique to it.

This is not because there are no new individual figure images & battlegroups with the module, in fact there are some very nice ones. However there are no new nationality folders in the Unit editor. Rather, nationality folders that shipped with earlier modules have had battlegroups added to them. In my post below “Decline and Fall – no need for scenario designers to wait…” in the Scenario Design sub forum I have set out in detail in which folders in which of the existing modules, the new images coming out with "Decline and Fall" can be found.

The potential issue here of course is that since everybody who has these modules and has upgraded to version 1.70 of Field Of Glory already has all these new images, that there will be less of an incentive for people to purchase the module, since the only elements unique to the module are the Digital Army Generator and quick battle armies that owners of the module now get to use in multiplayer.

Looking ahead to "Wolves from the Sea" I can see that it's very likely that the same issue is going to arise, particularly since it's unlikely that many new images (as opposed to battlegroups) are likely to be added to the game with the module. I suspect that the line up of nationality folders in the module will stack up something like this.

Arab Crusades. Arab early, British Ancient, Celtic, Celts, Feudal Foot, Frank, Hun, Norman, Other, Russian, Saxon, Sarmatian, Steps & Viking,

My guess is that we might see some extra Vikings and Russians and perhaps a few late Anglo-Saxon figures. Because the period has already been covered in " Swords and Scimitars” I think we could also see the same sort of thing cropping up with
"Oath of Fealty” later next year.

While this could be a problem both potential sales of the next two modules and for customer satisfaction, it's also an opportunity. Why not introduce a couple of new nationality folders with "Wolves from the Sea" (which only ship with that module) one called "Dark Age Foot" and the other called "Dark Age Mounted" while these folders would not necessarily need to draw on any new single figure images, they should concentrate on putting together groups of existing single figure images in different randomized combinations to produce a more authentic irregular feel. For example we could have 10 different undrilled battle groups called “Western Dark Age HF” –a to j with each of the figures to go into each of the 5 slots for each group being chosen at random (you could perhaps use percentage dice) from the following images.


Other sets of figures in the folder could include for “Western Dark Age MF” (using the same range of images “Western Dark Age Armoured HF” etc. The Dark Age Mounted folder could include, 10 undrilled battlegroups of “Western Heavy Lancers” a-j with each of the 3 slots in the battlegroup being drawn from a random mix of.


Others sets of figures in the folder could include “Nomadic LH Horse Archers” a-j, “Nomadic Lancer Cavalry” a-j.

As existing images would be used here, costs would be kept down and Slitherine would effectively be boosting sales and improving customer satisfaction by providing a quantity of “custom battle groups” in advance of this facility being made available to players (which I understand may take some time. If the new folders are popular then “Medieval Arab Foot” and “Medieval Arab Mounted” in the same vain folders could be added for and made unique to "Oath of Fealty”.

Any comment guys ?

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Post by IainMcNeil » Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:10 am

We're still working out the future plans for FoG as HexWar are moving on to other things. When we have details of the plan we will let you know.

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Post by Old_Warrior » Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:04 am

Is the beta test coming up soon? Just wondering as I am starting to research new scenarios and cannot start up on the scenarios until I can see the DAG lists for the armies in the modules.

In particular I need the Viking, Anglo-Danish, Magyar and Early Medeival lists.

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Post by IainMcNeil » Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:25 am

We're starting the hand over process from HexWar to a new dev team but it is a long and painful process. I think the next expansion may be delayed because of this but till we're up and running its hard to say when to expect it.

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