When did you land on the moon?

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Re: When did you land on the moon?

Post by causus » Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:32 pm

Q4.1967 on Hard with Nasa.
1. Q1.1955-Q4.1958 redstone booster and mercury project to be 1st in space (suborbital):
- Q3.1958 Mercury uncrew suborb, Q4.1958 Mercury manned suborbital
2. Q1.1959-Q4.1962 titan II and Gemini project:
- Q1.1961 Gemini uncrewed suborbital, Q4.1961 Gemini uncrewed orbital, Q1.1962 Gemini manned orbital flight,
3. Q1.1963-Q4.1966 Saturn V and Gemini Direct (intermediate Pioneer IV + Juno II to open moon program):
- Q1.1963 Gemini Space Walk Duration 1, Q3.1963 Gemini & EVA Duration 2, Q2.1964 Pioneer 4 Lunar Flyby, Q4.1965 - Gemini Duration III, Q3.1966 - Gemini EVA&orbital randezvous Dur.II , Q4.1966 GDA uncrewed test flight on EO
4. Q1.1967-Q4.1967 GDA launches and moon land (4 launches, skipping one manned launch):
- Q1: GDA uncrewed Lunar flyby, Q2: GDA - uncrewed lunar orbital, Q3: GDA - Lunar orbital, Q4: GDA: Lunar landing

Only crewed spacecraft and HR rockets SET specialists, with EVA on later stage (probes and rockets for Pioneer mission hired temprorary in intermediate)
BARIS70 wrote:Q2 1965 on Hard. I agree they should make it harder a bit or change it up. Some things harder and some things easier.
Unbelivable. I can't even imagine how to do that fast with availiable budgets on hard. Or smth has changed since 2015.
Bolter wrote:The best I've managed to do was Q3 1969 on Buzz Hard with the GSA
Great respect. Tried to do on Buzz-Hard till Q3.1969 too. But budgets are too tight and you need to get enough prestige to get budgets. Looking for options now.

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