Space Program Manager iOS is updated to V. 1.4.20

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Space Program Manager iOS is updated to V. 1.4.20

Post by Daniele » Wed Apr 08, 2015 1:15 pm

Hi guys,

The iOS version of Space Program Manager has been updated to V. 1.4.20!
You can upgrade it directly by visiting the app store.

Here’s the changelog:

v 1.4.20
• Fixed a bug with the Steam achievements for the GSA, as reported here.

• Changed the computation for the cost of hiring Tiger Teams: now it’s computed as the mission cost divided by the number of launches. This makes the cost of hiring more reasonable in missions that span multiple launches.

• Fixed a bug in the mission rendering code that was causing graphical glitches in some missions.

• Added check for unassembled missions when running in tutorial mode. This was fixed based on a
bug reported here.

• Changed the programs entries in the ‘Program Categories’ screen inside the HQ so that it display the maintenance cost as the sum of the program maintenance cost plus the mission components maintenance cost, instead of just the program maintenance cost.

• Fixed incompatibility scenario for games created prior to 1.4.0 patch, as reported here.

• iOS only: Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of PBEM games.

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