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Monthly Challenge - Hall of Fame

Post by Kalesin » Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:35 am


Monthly Challenge: July 2015 - Send Lunokhod mission to the Moon before 1960 - NCORE (1958.3)

Monthly Challenge: August 2015 - Perform a Manned Circumlunar Mission before 1964 - NCORE (1962.1)

Monthly Challenge: September 2015 - Perform Orbital Rendezvous with a Crewed Vehicle (three crew capsule) [Apollo Program] with only women astronauts before 1966 - Failed/Abort

Monthly Challenge: October 2015 - Send a probe to Mars Orbit before the end of 1960 - Failed/Abort

Monthly Challenge: November 2015 - Perform an EVA before Q2.1965 - 3enrique (1961.2)

Monthly Challenge: December 2015 - Landing on Mars with Viking 1 (with Nasa) before 1965
- [LoR] Team Triss (1961.3-1961.4)


Monthly Challenge: January 2016 -
Perform orbital manned mission (with an agency) before 1960 (without using PKA program)
- tcelvis (1957.1)

Monthly Challenge: February 2016 -
Perform Soyuz 7K-OK Orbital Flight Duration Level VI before 1966
- tcelvis (1961.4)

Monthly Challenge: March 2016 - Send probe to Saturn with GSA - Failed/Abort

Monthly Challenge: April 2016 - Landing on Mars with Venera 7 Lander (Soviet Space Agency) before 1964 - Bronzite(1962.1)

Monthly Challenge: May 2016 - Get the achievement "CREW TRANSFER" with any of the agencies before 1965 - jschwarz2000(1964.3)

Monthly Challenge: June 2016 - Get the achievement "JUPITER PROBE" with NASA Agency before 1966 - Northern Pike(1965.1)



Monthly Challenge: July 2016 - Get Moon landing before the third quarter of 1969 with Apollo Program (with NASA Agency) - [LoR] Team Triss (1967.2)

Special mention & Golden Letters to get this monthly challenge with astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin


Monthly Challenge: August 2016 - Get the achievement "MERCURY PROBE" with NASA Agency before 1963 - [LoR] Team Triss(1960.4)

Monthly Challenge: September 2016 - Get Spacewalk & Rendezvous with an Agena Target Vehicle (Gemini Program) with NASA Agency before Q3.1966 - Northern Pike(1963.1)

Monthly Challenge: October 2016 - Get the achievement ZOND 5 LUNAR BIOSCIENCE FLYBY with Soviet Agency before 1964 - npsergio(1957.3)

Monthly Challenge: November 2016 - Get the achievement PEGASUS SATELLITE with Nasa Agency before 1963 - npsergio(1956.4)

John Glenn's Memory Challenge
Monthly Challenge: December 2016 - Take a flight with the X-15 and orbital flight (Mercury Project) with the same astronaut (Nasa Agency) before Q2.1962
- Northern Pike(1957.3)



Monthly Challenge: January 2017 - Get the achievement ORBITAL FLIGHT (Duration Level VI) with Soviet Space Agency before 1966 - tcelvis(1962.2)

Apollo 1 Memory Challenge
Monthly Challenge: February 2017 - With Nasa Agency , get a Moon landing with the crew of Apollo 1 (using HISTORICAL ROSTER mod) - Wiseman(1972.1)

Monthly Challenge: March 2017 - With the GSA Agency orbiting all the celestial bodies of the Inner Solar System before 1964 - Northern Pike(1963.4)

Monthly Challenge: April 2017 - Get the achievement ORBITAL FLIGHT (Duration Level IV) with any Agency before 1963 - jschwarz2000(1962.1)

Monthly Challenge: May 2017 - With the NASA space agency, successfully perform all robotic martian missions before 1966 - jschwarz2000(1964.2)

Monthly Challenge: June 2017 - Get the achievement "MANNED LUNAR PASS" with any of the agencies and only women astronauts before 1965 - jschwarz2000(1964.3)


Monthly Challenge: July 2017 - Get Moon landing before the second quarter of 1969 with Soviet Space Agency - jschwarz2000(1967.4)

Special mention & Golden Letters to get this monthly challenge with astronaut Yuri Gagarin


Note: I try to do some design for the Hall of Fame look better

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