Civil War II version 1.0.5 is out!

Civil War 2 is the definitive grand strategy game of the period. It is a turn based regional game with an emphasis on playability and historical accuracy. It is built on the renowned AGE game engine, with a modern and intuitive interface that makes it easy to learn yet hard to master. This historical operational strategy game with a simultaneous turn-based engine (WEGO system) that places players at the head of the USA or CSA during the American Civil War (1861-1865).

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Civil War II version 1.0.5 is out!

Post by Daniele » Wed Apr 15, 2015 3:00 pm

Good news soldiers!

Patch 1.0.5 is finally released and it’s huge!

A significant number of changes and improvements are brought to you upgrading the game to make it even more historically accurate: neutral Indians are passive (should stop them from besieging or interfering with USA/CSA units) and leaders of different nations, for the same side, don't compete in the same chain of command anymore!

Download this update now and improve turn resolution speed by at least 50%!

Be sure to check the entire changelog here

You can download the patch from here

Get more information about the game from its product page

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