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Fantasy Kommander = Improved Fantasy General

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:02 am
by Dunadd
After playing all the campaigns i really like this game. It's got the best of Fantasy General plus some improvements on it. The individual missions are hard, but they don't take nearly as long to play as some of the Fantasy General ones did, so you can try different strategies until, by a combination of good tactics and good luck, you succeed. Unlike in Fantasy General you can afford to lose some veteran units without it meaning you have to restart the campaign (as long as its not too many and you have enough gold).

I think the gameplay is great, but if the graphics were improved a bit it'd likely increase sales a lot if you had better graphics and got it on steam. The graphics are ok, and i've come to like them, but to be honest they initially put me off buying the game from looking at the screenshots.

I couldn't complete the final mission of the last one, so will retry that campaign and recruit some different units.

Hoping you get a lot of sales and that you bring out an expansion with new campaigns in it too.