Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941 Adds German!

Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941

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Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941 Adds German!

Post by Philkian » Fri Oct 18, 2013 2:09 pm

Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941 features 4 Campaigns, including 37 scenarios in the main branching campaign, 14 stand-alone scenarios and an editor. Today this easy to learn but hard to put down historical wargame add German language support with the latest new update provided by Matrix Games ( and Phobetor.

The v1.03 update includes a fix for shadow maps with new Nvidia driver, tweaks to bomber attack values and the Romanian airforce.

However, the main change in this update is the new German language support: you will now be able to play in German if it is your native language.

For the full change read below:

Update 1.03 October 18th 2013
• General
o This version is now bilingual English and German

• Fixed:
o bug with shadow map with new nvidia driver
o replaced old values of the Romanian airforce
o airborne units cannot receive reinforcments anymore
o wrong attack values for some bombers (stormbringer3)
o Ju-88 C-6 is now fighter not bomber

• Changed:
o some GUI adjustments

To download the update, players can run “Check for Update” via the game menu or on the game’s download page.

Get more information on Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941 from its official product page.

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