Rules of Competition 2014

The Slitherine Trophy

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Rules of Competition 2014

Post by stockwellpete » Sat Aug 17, 2013 5:51 pm

Rules of the competition

This is a knock-out competition - you have to win to stay in.

Slitherine are sponsoring the competition. The winner will receive a $50 voucher and the runner-up a $25 voucher, both to be spent in the Slitherine shop.

All matches will be played with "Fog of War" and "Double Moves" on. All armies will consist of 350 points. Players may only use a particular army once in the tournament and, if they are successful, their subsequent choices must be taken from a different nation each time. Players will not disclose their army to their opponent before the battle commences. In addition, players will be able to use one army from the "super army list" just once during the course of the tournament (see the list at the bottom of these rules). Players using a "super army" may pick whichever troop types they like for that match.

Either player can initiate the challenge by posting the details of the match, including the password, in the designated thread. It is important to do this with regards to any adjudication process that may be required in cases where matches do not get started, or where they are not completed in time. It is also advised that a private message (PM) should be sent to your opponent as well when initiating a challenge. Please remember to set your challenge to "any book".

The winner of the match is responsible for posting the result and this must include the names of the armies that have been used.

Drawn matches will be dealt with as follows. If the match has been played to a conclusion and both armies have broken then a tie-breaker will come into operation. The winner of the tie-breaker will be the player who has inflicted the greater damage over and above the breaking point of their opponent's army - so, for example, a game ending with the score 27/26 to 31/29 will be awarded to the 27/26 player as they have inflicted +2 damage over their opponent's army breaking point total while suffering only +1 damage over their own army breaking point total. Drawn matches where the damage inflicted over and above the army breaking point totals is equal will be decided by a toss of the coin. In drawn matches where neither player's army has broken, the player with the greater percentage of their army remaining will be declared the winner. Matches that are drawn by agreement, where no losses on either side have occurred, or where the percentage of each army remaining is exactly the same, will be decided by a toss of the coin.

Please try to start your games promptly and complete them as quickly as you can. Around 14 days will be allowed for each round. Players who fail to start their games, or who "disappear" during their games, are very likely to be "knocked out" of the competition through the adjudication process.

Good luck to everyone - if you have any questions then I will be only too happy to answer them.

The list of "super armies" is as follows . . .

Arab Conquest, early
Arab Conquest
Arab Conquest, later
Attalid Pergamenes
Catalan Company, early
Catalan Company
Catalan Company, later
Christian Nubians, early
Christian Nubians
Christian Nubians, later
Dailami Buyids
Dailami Musfarids
Galatians (Macedonian Invasion)
Galatians (Seleucid War)
Jewish Revolt (Josephus)
Jewish Revolt, later
Latin Greek Achaians
Macedonian Successor
Romans, Late Republican
Romans, Late Republican, Brutus and Cassius
Romans (Principate), early
Romans (Principate) 25BC-99AD
Romans (Principate)100-196AD
Romans (Principate) 197-217AD
Romans (Principate) 228-259AD
Romans (Principate) 260-284AD
Seleucids, later (post-166BC)
Spartans (Classical)
Spartans, later
Swiss (early)
Swiss (Burgundian War)

stockwellpete (tournament organiser)


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