Super army list . . .

The Slitherine Trophy

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Super army list . . .

Post by stockwellpete » Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:50 am

The list of "super armies" is as follows . . .

Arab Conquest, early
Arab Conquest
Arab Conquest, later
Attalid Pergamenes
Catalan Company, early
Catalan Company
Catalan Company, later
Christian Nubians, early
Christian Nubians
Christian Nubians, later
Dailami Buyids
Dailami Musfarids
Galatians (Macedonian Invasion)
Galatians (Seleucid War)
Jewish Revolt (Josephus)
Jewish Revolt, later
Latin Greek Achaians
Macedonian Successor
Romans, Late Republican
Romans, Late Republican, Brutus and Cassius
Romans (Principate), early
Romans (Principate) 25BC-99AD
Romans (Principate)100-196AD
Romans (Principate) 197-217AD
Romans (Principate) 228-259AD
Romans (Principate) 260-284AD
Seleucids, later (post-166BC)
Spartans (Classical)
Spartans, later
Swiss (early)
Swiss (Burgundian War)

Important: you may only use one of these armies for one match in the competition.


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