Combat and unit information

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Combat and unit information

Post by ReviewGameX27 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 9:19 pm


I was wondering about the combat in civil war 2. I have played many many hours now and still dont get it.

1. How can I determine which battle plan/tactic is best vs XY? There seems to be no information about the real benefits. Yes there is some text, but this doesnt explain any of the combat results I had so far.

2. How to use terrain advantages?
It seems there is something like space for a front line. So in theory, if I have stronger units I will benefit from a smaller front line since I can have my stronger units engage weaker ones without getting flanked. In praxis this seems not to work at all. I got no info about how big/small a front line is. No info if flanking works and if yes how strong it is. Also there is no info about anything regarding combat and terrain bonus. Programmer, could you please add a simple interface that shows exactly how much a unit (regiment) gains or suffers while in combat? Like in hearts of iron. There you hover over a unit with your mouse in a combat and u see "+5% attack for mountain, -15% for being in a open terrain ect.). Also there is info about front lines. Lets say I have front line of 10 but the area offers only 8. Then only 80% of my forces fight at once. I think this is right now in the game but since we dong know the front line of any terrain/region and dont know the front line of our entire stacks it is pointless and combat feels random. No info, no planning, no fun :-(

3. Tool tips
I have read the manual and it seems some of the explanations do not fit the game I have played. 2 things I totally dont get but find VERY important:
1. There are 3 bars with colors, red green and green(?). I assume 1. is for supply and ammo (even those needed 2 different bars) 2. bar is for cohesion (cant u just call it organisation ? :-) and 3. is for manpower. But I am not sure.

The other thing is the after combat screen. I can see how much each unit lost in hit points and cohersion. But I am not sure about the summary at the top, whcih is most important to me. The losses on top DO NOT reflect the sum of losses of the individual units. I have counted them and losses in cohersion and hit points never sum up there. So I have to assume these numbers are something else. But I do not see what. And it is not the remaining hit points :-)

So in general, this game could be amazing. But unless you implement a combat screen that shows us what is going on in a battle (I really want to see ALL factors somehow, best in a interface similar to hearts of iron) and unless you make some of the interface more intuitive, I dont see a future for this othwerwise amazing game.

Hopefully get some answers and a patch soon :-)


PS: This matrix forum for civil war 2 says I am a guest after logging in and so I can only write here :-)

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