Bug - Readability of Data

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Senior Corporal - Ju 87G
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Bug - Readability of Data

Post by Drewpan » Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:18 am

Hi Guys,

There are two readability issues still occurring in 7.23 that need to be addressed.

First one is the mission data when scheduling a mission. I noticed it is still occurring in SOME
of the Gemini missions where the text is overwritten and unreadable. It may also be happening
on other missions but I haven't noticed.

Secondly, it is still VERY difficult to QUICKLY work out which staff need to be assigned a task,
because their status is all in the same font and colour. (I have raised this earlier)

Could you guys (Please) at least change the colour of the font on the status line to something like
Available (Green), Assigned (Blue), Training (Yellow) and Mission (Red). This is a very simple code
fix and should make it much easier for us old farts to read the data.

Game coming along nicely - keep up the good work.


Andrew (Drewpan)

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Re: Bug - Readability of Data

Post by Nacho84 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:46 pm

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try to fit them for the next build.

Ignacio Liverotti
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