Bug - Soviet Campaign - USA too far ahead in 1961

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Bug - Soviet Campaign - USA too far ahead in 1961

Post by Drewpan » Fri Sep 26, 2014 9:01 am

Hi Guys,

Playing a Soviet Campaign, 1961 Q4. I have just finished Vostok Duration II and tried to get
an unmanned Voshkod sub-orbital to speed up development. Meanwhile the USA have just
SUCCESSFULLY launched an Apollo MANNED suborbital!

Problems with that I see:
Where did the budget come from to AFFORD that?
How did they train so many PEOPLE to even get Mission Control filled?
If they skipped previous steps how did they make so many rolls with such an obscene handicap
that they were successful?

Sorry Guys but a SERIOUS gameplay imbalance.

I have had discussions about what steps should be mandatory and which should not previously.
In my opinion the MINIMUM requirements should be:

(Ignacio Liverotti please take note that this is the start of the Off-Forum discussion we had,
I am still working on the other non-historical variants)


1 X15
2 EO Satellite (Explorer I)

These both should be pre-requisites for Mercury

3 Mercury Unmanned Sub-orbital (Historically MR-1A or MR-2 with Ham the Astro-chimp)
4 Mercury Manned Sub-orbital (MR-3 Freedom 7 Alan Shepard )(May be skipped - the USSR historically did it this way)
5 Mercury Unmanned Orbital (MR-4 with a robot Astronaut) (May be skipped - BIG penalty if not 3 or 4)
6 Mercury Manned Orbital (MA-6 Frendship 7 John Glenn)
7 Mercury Manned Duration I (MA-9 Faith 7 Gordon Cooper)

8 Mercury Joint Launch (May be skipped OR counts for Rendevous)

8a Lunar Orbiting Satellite (Lunar Orbiter 1 - boy did they break ALOT of hardware to get tTHAT one working)
This should be pre-requisite for Gemini Docking with Agena

9 Gemini Unmanned Orbital (Gemini I) (May be skipped but with a Big penalty in lieu of a Manned sub-orbital test with a smaller penalty)
10 Gemini Manned Orbital (Gemini 3 ' Molly Brown' Gus Grissom and John Young)
11 Gemini Spacewalk (Gemini 4 Jim McDivett and Ed White)
12 Gemini Joint Launch (Rendevous Gemini VI-A and Gemini VII)
13 Gemini Docking (Gemini VIII)
14 Gemini Duration II (Might be called Gemini IX-A)
15 Gemini Duration III (Gemini XII) (Optional - may be done as Apollo Duration III)

15a Lunar Landing Probe (Surveyor I)
These should be pre-requisites for the LEM

16 Apollo Unmanned Orbital (Historically Apollo 4 was the first test of the full Saturn V stack)
17 Apollo Manned Orbital (Historically Apollo 7)
18 Apollo Duration III
18a Apollo Circumlunar (Historically Apollo 8)
18b Apollo Spacewalk
19 Apollo Docking (LEM)

20 Apollo Duration IV (Earth orbit or Lunar orbit but historically this was Apollo 9 EO LEM testing)
21 Apollo Lunar Dress Rehearsal (Apollo 10)
22 Manned Lunar Landing (Apollo 11)
23 Manned Lunar Landing and Exploration (Apollo 15 Moon Buggy)

I have based these steps in part on what historically happened, what I consider good for the game and
what sounds reasonable. Bear in mind that these are only mission steps, and so a combination of some
of these would be available on certain missions eg. EVA on a Duration Mission.

I also think it might be a good idea to Lock higher technology until these steps are done in the same way that
Lunar Probes are locked until a EO Satelite has been successful. This will stop those who "cheat" the game by going
straight to Apollo (like it appears the game AI did).

The Soviets would have a similar but slightly different path due to A) They didn't historically do it and
B) They used more flexible hardware.

1 EO Satellite (Sputnik 1)

PKA historically did not exist.

2 Vostok/PKA Unmanned Sub-orbital (Historically did not happen but too easy for USSR if it doesn't)
3 Vostok/PKA Unmanned Orbital (Korabl-Sputnik 1) (May be skipped - BIG penalty)
4 Vostok/PKA Manned Orbital (Vostok 1 Yuri Gagarin)
5 Vostok/PKA Manned Duration I (Vostok 5 Valerey Bykovsky)
5a PKA Manned Duration II (Technically Vostok 7 that was cancelled, Vostok 6 was Valentina Tereshkova
the first woman in space

6 Vostok/PKA Joint Launch (Vostok 3 and 4) (May be skipped OR counts for Rendevous)
I am inclined to force this as a pre-requisite for Voshkod as it historically happened.

7 Lunar Orbiting Satellite
This should be pre-requisite for Voshkod Docking with Cosmos

8 Voshkod Unmanned Orbital
9 Voshkod Manned Orbital
10 Voshkod Spacewalk
11 Voshkod Joint Launch (Rendevous)
12 Voshkod Docking
13 Voshkod Duration II
14 Voshkod Duration III (Optional - may be done as Soyuz Duration III)

15a Lunar Landing Probe
These should be pre-requisites for the LEM (LEMski?)

Soyuz historically never went down this path but was/is used extensively.

16 Soyuz Unmanned Orbital
17 Soyuz Manned Orbital
18 Soyuz Duration III
18a Soyuz Circumlunar
18b Soyuz Spacewalk
19 Soyuz Docking (LEM equivalent)

20 Soyuz Duration IV
21 Soyuz Lunar Dress Rehearsal
22 Manned Lunar Landing
23 Manned Lunar Landing and Exploration (Moon Buggy)

Remember that these are the Minimum Steps, there are other Missions available and combinations, but if one or more
of these steps are missed there should be a hefty penalty.

I hope this discussion is useful and any feedback from other beta tester would be welcome.


Andrew (Drewpan)
USA Launching Apollo in 1961!
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