Beta test British campaign

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Re: Beta test British campaign

Post by ColonelY » Wed Sep 02, 2020 1:33 pm

Now, few words about the last scenario of this campaign, namely: 22Shakespeare 8)

I've delayed to finish the coastal gun (left with 1 single strenght pt) in order to be able to use longer the naval support! :twisted: At turn 15 (out of 18), no more German land unit on map!

-> HMS Reknown (scen descr) or rather Renown (unit name on map & in event)?

-> Scen brief: "Loaded into boats, Force 28 is to paddle around [...]" Indeed, but once we deploy them on water, they appear with transport ships... so the "paddling" aspect of it here... :lol: ( :wink: )

-> Too many empty lines at the end of the first part of the briefing... :wink:

-> This income is really high... :o perhaps reduce it to max 60 RPs/turn...

-> Add a short descr to our objectives, perhaps? :idea: (To enhance immersion a little bit more.)

-> Right now, the sec obj can only be considered as completed or open, but not failed... a little something to add...

-> Special Event "Royal Navy!":
1. "[...] both the Luftrwaffe and the rAF are engaged as well." :? -> well, obviously "[...] both the Luftwaffe and the RAF are engaged as well."
2. Our Hurricane at half strenght? :| First thing: evac and replenish it! 8)
3. The two German planes spawning have no AI at all right now! :shock:
4. No need to unlock us the ace Thomas A.F. Elsdon... he's with us since last scenario :wink: (we start this scenario with 2 aces and no plane! :( )
5. Then you deploy our 3 core ships... well, well... the way you did it, it's definitely working, BUT it can be seriously "worrisome" for the player, can't it? :shock: This brings us to the next point, naturally! :wink:

-> These ships are put on core, are visible on the roster from scenario start but aren't deployable (no NCP at all)... :? :shock:
This shall be a little confusing and worrisome for the player. :idea: Erik, don't you think it would be easier for the player to simply see these 3 auxiliary ships being spawned when and where you've chosen it? :wink:
Auxiliary? Yeah, why putting them as core units? It's a campaign about Special Forces and it's the first (and last) apparition that they'll make in this campaign... except if you prepare to add few scenarios here and there, which would of course be a nice option. :D

-> Quote from briefing: "[...] Force H with HMS Re(k)nown has steamed from Gibraltar. [...]"
Okay, but then where is this "Force H"? We can safely assume that the 2 DDs represent this "Force H" (or at least part of it)... so why not giving our DDs this name, "Force H"? :idea:

-> The Germans seem to be really short on RPs in this scenario... :?

-> :idea: Adding a Concrete Bunker at the Citadel hex?

-> 'Could be completed by (re)capturing Dover... another pri obj? :idea:
Anyway, why not adding some garrison in there?

-> That's a scenario about a "German Dunkirk scenario"... so, where are their transport ships trying to evacuate the area? :idea:
This could make another cool sec obj: sink at least XYZ of these transport ships, or deal at least XYZ damages to them... there our navy and, perhaps, a bomber as well (with our second commander available!), may be involved... so, no longer remove all navy as soon as the coastal gun is down... and these transport ships could be covered by one or two German subs - why not, we've destroyers at disposal, so... :D

-> Again, few SS units here and there? :idea:

Then, a word about the campaign victory message: "Congratulations are in order.|There are no Germans left on British soil." :?
Well, well, I suggest instead :idea: either something like "Congratulations are in order.|There are no fighting Germans left on British soil." or "Congratulations are in order.|There are no Germans left on British soil. (Except a whole lot of prisoners, of course!)" :wink:
Why? In the last scenario, we're trying (I quote) to "force their surrender"... Like this, it should be crystalclear, shouldn't it?

Et voilà! :D

It was a fun campaign to test and I hope to see this project come to fruition; I'm definitely looking forward to play this campaign in a (perhaps close) future.
Thanks! 8)

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Re: Beta test British campaign

Post by Erik2 » Wed Sep 02, 2020 3:07 pm

The Force 10 SAS units are boat units, while the former prisoners, Force 28 are boat units.
There's no way to crossgrade them, I requested this posibility some time ago.
Any German evacuation part would have to be another scenario.

Anyway, thanks for the very detailed feedback. Will publish this very soon.

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