need help please new Georgia

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need help please new Georgia

Post by CrazyBear » Mon Jun 27, 2016 12:25 am

I have tried to win or beat the the Japanese at least 15x's on easy. the best i have gotten was one turn away one hex away to take the last objective but ran out of time. I am trying just about every thing I can think of bombing the artillery, losing the planes in doing so. just going up the coast not into the interior . trying to save every point I can for the final assault when you know they are going to slam you with the mortars, planes, artillery and reinforcements from the North part . I tried to mine areas to funnels them to killing zones did not work .
Do I need to start the whole campaign over and build a better core force up to start the attack out ? This seems my only other option that I am missing at this point .
Oh I tried the secondary objectives but they take time and resources, I put men on a small island by the air strip with a supply boat thinking I could get a artillery piece on it would not let me deploy their so my men supply ship and a cruiser that started with only a 4 power got blown to bits by the shore battery's . I did get that taken out but cost me a squadron of dive bombers by the AA next to it .
Help any hints please .. I am on easy mode if I did not mention it . this is really embarrassing

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Re: need help please new Georgia

Post by simcc » Mon Jun 27, 2016 4:34 am

For this scenario IIRC since I haven't revisit the vanila campaign for some time now here is what I recommend as below.

1. Use artillery to knock out that costal fortress near the objective. There is 3 spot that is super sweet for artillery setup namely that island you get free long Tom and also north of it there is a few small island. You will have 2 destroyers with you and a few supply ship. Use those to support the small island artillery supply and place some AA on the island too. There is quite a few planes around. With those islands armed you will bombard them to hell.

2. Amphibious tanks. You need 2 to make it easy, they can use to soften any coastal target safely on water and can pop up capture and goes back into the water so you won't suffer efficiency lost. Don't send them across sea if possible as on deep sea movement is only 2. They are great at hitting bunkers with popping up hit and goes into water again. Beware of bombers when you are at sea, it's very vulnerable to air attack when you are in water.

3. Amphibious transport. I have 2 marine teams with that to capture north east area by simply moving up and down of the land. Capture town need 5 turns cool down to generate supply IIRC so goes back into water and expand the control zone again using pop up and down style.

4. Capture supply point. Use space bar to check all supply point and capture it as even when you give it back to the enemy they still have cool down to generate supply. Low supply then only start to fight the enemy as it's more effective. Always encircle the pocket and cut it off and even the best unit seems like a puppy when they turn red efficiency.

5. Engineers. These are the troops you need and they die but don't worry they are cheap to replace. If you see heavy entrenched unit (sandbags) use them to take away the entrenchment before hitting with your troops. Just remember it is ok for engineers to die. They are far cheaper replacement than marines so let them die if your marine can have advantage.

Things not to do is as below:
1. Do not use para plane - expensive, easy to die and supply block
2. Do not over extend and been supply cut off.
3. Do not use tanks or hardware to move ahead. Unit that is always on the front line is engineers and marines.
4. Do not attack every chance you have. It's better if you let them attack you sometimes as they arr entrenched.
5. Do not run into artillery zone if you have no space as your front unit will die to focus attack.
6. Use planes to attack exposed artilery and AT guns. Do not attack if there is AA. Planes are expensive to replace.

Hope it helps

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Re: need help please new Georgia

Post by richfed » Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:16 pm

I had trouble with that one, too.

Take the small airfield & port area on the main island first.

You MUST take the island across the bay/channel. Use a couple of destroyers and a gun ship to bombard the port area in the SE. A few marine units will generally work after sufficiently softening them up. Only if you take this island will you get the free long range artillery - critical to taking Mondo.

Stay away from Mondo from the sea & air.

I use a front line of marines to just move across the main island. You will find resistance all the way. I move 3 105mm howitzers in the rear a bit to weaken the Japanese targets before my line reaches them as much as possible. Also, a couple of mortar infantry units in the rear to prevent attacks from the rear and/or right flank. After your destroyers are done in the first action, move them back across the water to support your left flank - until you get within range of the Mondo area guns, otherwise, they will suffer severe damage from the guns and mines. Marines in reserve will also help in case your front line gets too battered.

I also deploy 2 fighters & 2 bombers to assist the land troops, but, again, I don't let them get too close to Mondo. You can take that by land troops with assistance from those long range guns on the other island.

Anyway, that strategy worked for me ... so far, I have managed to move up to the middle difficulty setting and be victorious. I love that scenario.

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