Panzerkrieg DLC Missions v5.2.9

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Re: Panzerkrieg DLC Missions v5.2.9

Post by GabeKnight » Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:53 am

Horst wrote:Do you send your commanders on leave to increase the difficulty or why do they portraits show on the right side that often?
I also can’t believe you can rule the sky with only 2 dogfighters.
The long-range of 17 cm is indeed extremely useful as you don’t need to move them that often. One point more damage and more assault on 21 cm aren’t really worth it. The Wurfrahmen’s 40 shock is still (too) great.
While paratroopers are the heaviest hitters in close terrain, I’m too afraid of the reinforcement-cost should enemy artillery hit them frequently.

You should really post some replays one day for lousy Generals like me to study. :)
This thread wasn't supposed to be a real AAR for the Panzerkrieg DLC, as there are many excellent already out there, like this one discussing tactics, core compositions and RP management. And with the Replay mechanic being quite broken at the moment, to be honest, it's a pain watching them and guessing what supposedly just happened with the units on the screen. It may be funny of sorts, but not very informative.
(But if you really don't mind, I can restart posting Replays again. See for yourself...)

Regarding my dogfighters: As I'm playing the vanilla version, the FW190F stats are incredibly good. And being 5-star with commanders...almost no losses with attacks. The BF110E fighter I wouldn't use usually, but it's a good compromise to finish off enemy air units at the beginning and as ground attack plane later on. And as there are no air-exit-hexes or similar mechanics available (in official DLCs) to switch my planes from dogfighter to bomber mode during the missions, I'd rather deploy as few fighters as possible. These become quite useless with no enemy planes around.

Since having played the "Winter War" DLC at high difficulty levels, I'm in the habit of switching my commanders from turn to turn regularly, wherever they're needed most. Many commanders offer attacking bonuses only, so there's no need keeping them attached to units during the enemy's turn. With the commanders "aura" it's best to keep them on supporting units anyways. The below screenshot was a lucky example of a good use of the commander's action radius without putting him in any danger of being wounded and still maximizing his effect on my units:
Screenshot 164.jpg
Screenshot 164.jpg (490.08 KiB) Viewed 845 times
I've started the last scenario "12_Kursk" and OF COURSE there's the "No reward for saving the 6th Army" bug STILL in there... :roll:
But it's quite new in comparison as it has been just reported in DECEMBER 2017 :lol:

Well, again, I'll have to change the campaign variable myself to get the goodies - righteously earned this time.


By now, I think I got the "feel" of this DLC and although going to play the Kursk scenario for the very first time, I'm eager to test my theory about the enemy's income increase... so, while in the editor anyways, I've made the following changes beforehand and will observe how it's going to play:

- added myself +500RP Wehrmacht (= 900RP total) at scenario start; the Waffen-SS has more than enough as it is. Figured, if I'd have played more cautiously and defensively (without taking on all enemy units on the map :wink: ) saving up this amount is quite reasonable. I'm keeping the "usual" campaign rewards also.
- changed player's income from 40 to 35 RP/turn (may still be too much)
- changed enemy's income from 3 to 50 RP/turn (rough estimate)
- I'm prepared having to increase the turn limit as well :D

Now I'm quite curious how this is going to pan out...

PS: Thanks Horst for the Me 410 stats, implementing them right now. (without comments :wink: )
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Re: Panzerkrieg DLC Missions v5.2.9

Post by Horst » Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:52 pm

There is a road accident in 07_Caucasus creating a bridge along the river while the village doesn't have a bridge over the river anymore. Crossing that point of the river is a bad idea anyway.
07_Caucasus.jpg (423.45 KiB) Viewed 829 times

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Re: Panzerkrieg DLC Missions v5.2.9

Post by terminator » Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:08 pm

Same road accident in Kursk South :
KurskSouth.jpg (73.09 KiB) Viewed 826 times

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Re: Panzerkrieg DLC Missions v5.2.9

Post by Erik2 » Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:10 pm

Crossroads over a river, or a river fork on a road is a no-no.

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Major-General - Tiger I
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Re: Panzerkrieg DLC Missions v5.2.9

Post by GabeKnight » Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:43 pm

These kind of mini-map errors, on the other hand, I'd probably never spot... Thanks, I'll fix them.

"12_Kursk / Kursk South" (changed)

Sadly the last mission. No complains about the action, although my previously described changes didn't work as well as intended. Maybe the enemy needs even more (x2-3) RP/turn or just more units, don't know. It looked like through constant push and attack triggers, the AI didn't have enough time to repair its units to full anyways. But that's my problem, as other players seemed to struggle with Panzerkrieg missions...

And what did I just say about commanders the other day? Strangely about three of them got wounded in this mission...never happened like this before.. :lol:

The supposed dreaded armoured battle at Prokhorovka went quite one sided. Only on the initial attack, that caught one of my forward tank units by surprise and after bombarding it with two of their SU's arty units, the Soviet tanks could land a heavy blow, resulting in a 5-6HP loss to my PzIV and thus rendering this unit useless for the rest of the mission (but HP doesn't matter with the exported core anyways, just experience...). After that my AT-supported tank front - with extra support of two 17cm arty and tactical bombers - took almost no damage and could wipe them out quite fast and easily, to be honest. But it really looked inpressive with them Soviet tanks approaching...
Probably in this case, the 13HP of the level 5 difficulty may even make sense to increase the initial attack force of the Soviet armoured divisions. Next time.

Overall no more bugs in this one than "usual", I guess, if I recall past experiences with OoB DLCs correctly. Very good action and scripting with the Panzerkrieg DLC, though, never boring. But Slitherine/Artistocrats should seriously playtest their own scenarios more. Some trigger errors are pure sloppiness.
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Screenshot 198.jpg
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Re: Panzerkrieg DLC Missions v5.2.9

Post by GabeKnight » Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:35 pm

Haven't noticed it because I failed the objective the first time around "05_Voronezh", but the picture of the Night Witches destoyed event is still :!: linked to the wrong filename and therefore stays blank :!: , as reported:

- by NightPhoenix here
- and as reported by jmiller23 and thoroughly analyzed by Bruce in this thread
- and finally Andy in the v5.2.8 open beta thread

Really? :roll:
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