Tips for new and old players alike - turn your game around if you're having problems!

Order of Battle is a series of operational WW2 games starting with the Pacific War and then on to Europe!

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Tips for new and old players alike - turn your game around if you're having problems!

Post by steevodeevo » Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:03 am

Hi folks,

These are not my tips & suggestions, they are those of fellow players that I have compiled as I was having terrible problems when I increased my difficulty challenge to level 3 from level 2 (default) and couldn't win a battle! I was in despair, considering giving OoB a 'lengthy break' but by applying these principles rigorously I literally turned my game around..

- Unit efficiency: This has been huge. Despite being fully aware of attrition and unit efficiency, I wan't paying anywhere near enough attention to it in my rush against the clock. Resting and rotating units takes a bit of patience and nerve but works wonders.
- Resources works on a positive feedback loop: Try to get off to as good a start as possible. Look at early resource and reward locations and plot a route to them and made sure to grab the reachable ones early with as few losses as possible this gives a good early boost and often puts the AI on the back foot. 'In OoB success breeds success'.
- Making good use of support units and recognising their huge importance: AT and anti-air defence and the importance of artillery. Often I neglected or wasted these units, despite being aware of their complimentary support roles, they take some defending and looking after, however, when you make a conscious effort to back-up your tanks or infantry with AT for support fire, protect your critical units with well maintained AA and ensure you soften up enemy dug-in units with Arty, the difference is significant.
- To beat difficulty 4 or 5, is to focus on reducing enemy efficiency before launching direct engagements: Use of bombardment from artillery, strategic bombers, tactical bombers, ships (if available), etc, to soften up the enemy. It is easy to ignore bombardment when enemy is at 10 strength because an infantry/tank attack already gets the enemy sufficiently weakened, but when the enemy is at strength 12 or 13, reducing efficiency to 6 or 7 is a lot more useful than going for a direct attack immediately.
- Critical! it's so easy to overextend and leave own units in vulnerable positions: When advancing/attacking consider fully where it leaves you afterwards and how exposed you are to the enemy when it's the AI's turn. The AI is keen to gang up on weaker units.
- Knowing this leaves you with a number of opportunities to either:
- expose a aux unit instead of a core unit,
- set up ambushes/AT/AA cover,
- move/attack so the AI does not get so many favourable attack options (from multiple sides vs. one target) against your forward units,
- Look after your precious elite resource points & be selective in their use: It is highly recommend to go with a mix of elite and standard reinforcements to save some in reserve for repairs & replacements. Elite units are not mandatory and an extra new unit could be preferable.
- Play carefully and conserve your experienced units: probe with your Aux units and if you have to undertake a damaging encounter to dig out a stubborn defender, again, use the Aux units wherever possible (after Arty ideally).
- Encirclement & Supply: OoB is ruthless with this, it works beautifully in your favour if you cut off enemies from supply sources, but if you tend to over extend, as I was doing, an out of supply & cut off unit is a dead unit.

As a general observation.... When I was losing badly at level 3 (or apply this to any level) I had to realise that I needed to change the way I played. It became obvious that whilst the basic concepts are the same for all levels, they have to be applied more diligently and rigorously if you are losing to have success.
I think if i'm honest with myself I was playing sloppy, or perhaps rather, playing as I knew would win me a game at difficulty 2. I basically had to raise my game and the level of detail and thought provided in the suggestions gave me the wake up call and re-focus that I needed to snap out of habitual play and raise the bar. This is also a testament to how good a game this is.

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Re: Tips for new and old players alike - turn your game around if you're having problems!

Post by 13obo » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:13 pm

This should be a sticky, no? Tips for beginners is often what new players search the forum for in a hard to master game like OOB (example Panzer Corps, Battle Brothers forums).

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Re: Tips for new and old players alike - turn your game around if you're having problems!

Post by bebro » Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:40 am

Yeah, good idea to sticky it.

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Re: Tips for new and old players alike - turn your game around if you're having problems!

Post by TheFilthyCasual » Sun Aug 05, 2018 6:48 pm

I have generally taken a hindsight-based, post-WWII view of AT; namely, it's largely irrelevant when you could just have another unit of tanks, which are more versatile, instead. I generally use attack groups of infantry (number varies) following a tank unit and backed by an artillery unit.

I agree on AA, though it can get situational. Actual planes are always better, and since campaigns usually end with you fighting some large epic battle with tons of planes, AA units are mostly useful at the beginnings of campaigns when your forces are weaker, especially if you're on the backfoot (US or Burma campaigns, for example). You probably don't need any more than one light and one heavy AA.

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