[Suggestions] variable prestige, overlapping goals & buildin

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[Suggestions] variable prestige, overlapping goals & buildin

Post by KyleS » Fri Jul 25, 2014 10:24 am

Prestige accrued from achievements, whether general as in sandbox, or specific as in campaign mode, could be variable - the sooner you achieve something, the more prestige you get, the later the less.

This is not so important in national campaign play, where the pressure of "firsts" with a rival will encourage players to do missions as soon as possible. But in GSA campaign, GSA sandbox or national sandbox play, players need something to encourage them to keep moving, otherwise nothing except boredom stops us from just researching everything to max R&D and launching again and again until we tick the boxes of accomplishments. The system would have to have some sort of timetable in there, so that a man in space in 1959 earns more prestige, and the first one in 1979 earns less.

Some goals overlap. For example, at this moment I am trying a NASA game with few or no probes. Having put a Mercury in orbit in 1959.I, I don't think there's doubt I could throw an Explorer up there. The "radio signals from space" goal can be achieved by a naut as well as a machine, after all. Thus, Mercury/Vostok should count as first satellite, if the player has not yet put a satellite up. I'm sure others can think of other examples.

It would help if buildings being constructed, we got some notice of how long until they were finished, and when they were ready. Clicking on a building should tell us how long before it's finished, just like an employee in training has "X seasons to go" etc. And when it's completed, this should appear in the news just like employees graduating, etc.

Lastly, the public affairs office should let us see the news of previous seasons. This is helpful if we save a game and come back and play it a few hours or days later.

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Re: [Suggestions] variable prestige, overlapping goals & bui

Post by Nacho84 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:56 pm

Hello Kyle,

Thanks for the feedback. Regarding prestige, I like the idea, but I cannot promise it for the moment since it will open up a can of worms in terms of game balancing. Let me give it some more thought, though.

About the goals overlap: I agree with you. I have been working on revisiting the goals penalizations during the week and what you say makes perfect sense. I've made the change you suggested along with some more (e.g., an uncrewed flyby around the Moon should give you a "Lunar flyby probe" achievement). You'll get this in the next build.

Good idea about the news items for the buildings. I'll see if I can fit that in an upcoming patch.

The plan is to display old news in the Museum, which needs to be implemented yet.

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Re: [Suggestions] variable prestige, overlapping goals & bui

Post by Sabratha » Sat Jul 26, 2014 2:37 pm

Yeah I fully support the overlapping goals idea. To be honest, I was about to suggest the same thing (radio signals from space in all manned flights etc).

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