Bug/Annoyance - News Graphics

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Bug/Annoyance - News Graphics

Post by Drewpan » Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:47 am

Hi Guys,

I realise that this is a lower priority, but can we please find a few graphics to replace some of the ones
in the news feed for the Russians?

While there is a good picture featuring Gene Kranz and Chris Kraft(?) in Mission Control, wouldn't a picture
of Sergei Korolov be more appropriate? Or even Nikita Krushchev or Leonid Breznyev?

Also the picture of an Astronaut getting out of a clearly USAF Aircraft could be swapped with a more
Mig looking Aircraft or more Eastern Bloc markings (like a big red star?)

Also you could use Isvestia or Pravda logos (Old Soviet Joke: Pravda Isvestia! Isvestia Pravda!
Roughly translates to The News is the Truth! The Truth is the News!)

While I realise some photos may be hard to track down, wikipedia has a good selection of Free photos under
the Creative Commons License that may be suitable.

Keep up the good work guys.


Andrew (Drewpan)

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Re: Bug/Annoyance - News Graphics

Post by Nacho84 » Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:04 pm

Hello Andrew,

Indeed, I've spent yesterday's afternoon working on this. I've assembled a nice collection of pictures, which will soon make their way into the game. Stay tuned!

Ignacio Liverotti
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