Bug/Annoyance - Goal Success but Mission Failed

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Bug/Annoyance - Goal Success but Mission Failed

Post by Drewpan » Fri Sep 26, 2014 2:42 am

Hi Guys,

Just had a Vostok Manned Orbital Mission that failed after Cosmonaut ejection.

Here is my problem - I got the Manned Orbital Mission Goal. My Cosmonaut walked away from
the landing alive so presumably the Vostok retros failed and cracked the spacecraft open like
an egg, or it sunk in a swamp. WHY is this a MISSION failure?

Gus Grissom's Liberty 7 flight was successful but they lost the spacecraft and he survived!

I have no doubt that the algorythm worked correctly so this is not a programming error as such,
and a similar thing happened to me when an Apollo spacecraft fell off the side of an aircraft carrier
with no loss of life. My point here is that this was not a Failed Mission with the prestige hit it gets,
it is a Partial Failure at best and should get no more than a Hardware reliability hit and a REDUCTION
in the amount of prestige I should have got for the successful Goal achievement. I also think that the
hardware reliability hit I did get was pretty severe (15%!) when the Cosmonaut walked away, 5% would
be more palatable.

Now I realise that I DID launch with a BIG reliability penalty to start with (hey we are Beta testing so we
do these silly things sometimes), but the Mission was successful to this point, so this needs some
attention because it is not really balanced in terms of gameplay.

Save Game attached


Andrew (Drewpan)
Goal achieved Cosmonaut lived spacecraft died - Fail
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