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Feature/Wishlist - Campaign Later Start

Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2014 3:33 am
by Drewpan
Hi Guys,

Really enjoying the play testing and a thought came to mind how about an option to start at a
later time historically?

I find that I sometimes need to start the game again with a new game because of issues fixed
in a latest release, but it obviously takes time to replay up to say Gemini or Voshkod. This means that
the early parts of the game are well tested and I find less bugs, but it also means that the later
game is less well tested because it takes so long to get back up.

What I would like to see is an option to start at Major Milestones, eg. Mercury and Explorer fully
Developed and Gemini/Voshkod Available, Say 1961 Q1. Another option would be a 1964 Q2 start where
Gemini/Voshkod is fully developed and Apollo/Soyuz is available, or the Lunar Gemini is available.

In both quick starts you could elect to fly or not fly the missions to reach Goals, but it would be
more fun to fly the missions.

As far as the Base is concerned, again pre-build what you would expect to have in terms of L2/3 buildings.

With staffing you could pre-allocate most of the staff and leave the player to hire some and depending on what
level of difficulty the player selected, the pre-allocated staff could have a stat boost that obviously reduces
at the harder levels.

This could also lead into a series of "Goal Scenarios" in that you have say 16 Seasons to get a probe to Mars
or "The Race is ON" where the Russians already have Vostok and goals and you have to beat them to Gemini.
It would also lead into a good way to do a Tutorial Mission.

As far as play testing goes it would allow me to test later game parts more quickly, and even if you can't
implement the system, could you at least provide save games at End Mercury/Vostok and End Gemini/Voshkod
so that I can play test the later game. After all, I don't really want to spend all this time getting the beginning
of the game perfect, only to have the release version die horribly in the late games due to lack of testing.