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Feature/wishlist - Mission Control Data

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 6:59 am
by Drewpan
Hi Guys,

Ignacio has told me that some people do not like the data box in the Mission Control window when
there is a problem but I quite like the idea of it. I have been thinking and I think I may have a solution.

On the Mission Control screen there are 4 panels on either side of the Graphics window that don't
actually do anything. How about we use them for mission data?

I was thinking that each step could unobtrusively scroll up the windows and get a green GO when it
completes and if there was a problem then the scroll would hold with a red flashing Hold and switch to
the other side panel where the Mission Control "Save throw" sequence could be displayed.

If the Save Throw was successful then the Mission Control side would show a Yellow or Green Proceed
and switch back to the other side and continue with the mission. If the Save was unsuccessful then there
would be a Orange flashing Failure or Red flashing Catastrophic Failure, and the mission would end as normal.

Done in this way the data is still displayed but is less intrusive to the player. They can pay attention if they
want or just let the sequence play out and ignore it. Also it gives the Mission Control window a bit more
of a Space Program feel.

Also an idea to make Mission Control a bit more interactive would be to have the ability to Proceed or Abort
certain stages of a mission for when you get that "Gut feeling" (Deja Vu) that something is about to go Pear Shaped.
How about a Proceed and Abort Button on each side of the Mission Control window that would be "Unlit" when it
couldn't be used but would flash or "Light" when it could be used to bypass certain steps? Eg. A Manager may
decide to Abort Orbital Insertion of a Spacecraft and turn the flight into a sub-Orbital instead, or the Proceed
button may light when the Manager decides to Proceed with Orbital Activities like an EVA.

Now I don't want to turn the game into an Arcade game but some people might find it a bit more fun this way.

Ok people, I am wearing my Asbestos Underpants for any potential Flames that come my way. How about a bit of


Andrew (Drewpan)

Re: Feature/wishlist - Mission Control Data

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 7:27 pm
by HoberMallow
Hi Andrew,

These sound like reasonable ideas and should be implemented to reflect what mission controllers/astronauts could actually do (for example, on re-entry a heat shield HAD to work, if it did not the astronaut(s) was doomed, I don't think there was any "mechanism" that could be activated to mitigate disaster).

I know you're not suggesting that kind of flexibility, I'm just using a gross example to make a point.

Just curious, could a orbital flight be "converted" to a sub-orbital in real-time?

Anyway, good suggestions,


Re: Feature/wishlist - Mission Control Data

Posted: Wed Oct 01, 2014 12:56 am
by Drewpan

What I am suggesting would need to be real time over the sequence it affected. As you say you cannot Abort
during re-entry - sorry you would be toast. You can however Abort during launch at almost any time, but
obviously some times are more dangerous than others. It is time critical but you can also Abort during Orbital
Insertion if you get it early enough and turn it into a sub-Orbital. I am not suggesting we make it quite THAT
time critical, just before the Step is completed.

More what I was thinking was to have that flexibility during launch but normally there are critical points in a
mission where a Flight Director has got that power to GO or ABORT the mission, like "Go for Powered Descent".
In game terms, if a player just ignored the buttons then the mission would go as scheduled like it does now, but
if the buttons lit and the player chose to use them then then the GO button would just result in a message or
voice over like "You are Go for EVA", where as the Abort would cut the mission short and for example skip to
the re-entry sequence.

In terms of unmanned launches, it would be equivalent to "The Range Safety Officer destroyed the Launch Vehicle".

Anyway I still really like the idea (ok I'm a BIT modest some times)


Andrew (Drewpan)

Re: Feature/wishlist - Mission Control Data

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:12 am
by HoberMallow

I understand exactly what you mean and agree these might be nice features. In fact I was also thinking of the launch sequence and the fact that an astronaut could activate or shortly thereafter jettison the escape tower. "Go for powered descent" and "Go for EVA" are two examples you mentioned that make your point . . . there are others, anyway I too like the idea.

Take care,


Re: Feature/wishlist - Mission Control Data

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 7:48 pm
by Nacho84
Hello guys,

Thanks for your input. Indeed, I've spent Tuesday and Wednesday trying to come up with ways in order to spice up the Mission Control screen. I've coded some new functionality already, with more to come tomorrow after our UI artist sends me some assets I need. Hope you like it once we release it in the next update!