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Mod without Spies

Post by Xilmi » Sat Nov 01, 2014 7:53 pm

I made a new mod to further help the AI and thus make the game more challenging.

This time it is not MP-compatible as I altered some of the rules.

It is based on the AI-Mod but now has a few features removed that the AI was not using or using in a very inefficient matter.

So what are the changes over my previous Mod:

Spying and all techs associated with it got removed. - The AI did a terrible job using and defending against spies, which made it too easy for the player to benefit from that.
Fungus Cultivation 2 and 3 got removed. - I tried desperately but failed to get the AI to plant fungus once FC 2+3 were researched. To no avail. So I removed these techs.
Terraforming got removed. - Same for turning hills into mountains.
Ecoforming got removed. - While I don't consider that too big of a deal I removed it aswell for consistency.

Terra-Salvum no longer gets +1 Minerals from Forrests and Fungus. In turn their Attack-Penalty was removed. They now only have +25% Habitat and lower alien-aggression. - Reason is that I once again did not succeed to teach them to plant forrests.

So with the features removed that the AI could not or very badly cope the game should be somewhat more challenging.

There also have been some alterations to AI-tile-usage. Grassland and Tropical will now only be used for farms or suburbs. Other plain-fields will also be used for the other improvements.

I'm also thinking about further changes to make it more viable to found more cities, as the AI loves to do anyways.
Ideas go into the direction of decreasing the cost of buildings, decreasing the percentage-boni from building and increasing the flat-boni from buildings.


Unzip the contents of the File into this folder:

C:\Users\<AIL>\AppData\Roaming\Proxy Studios\Pandora\Data

But replace <AIL> with your own Computer's name.

Note: Windows might not show the "AppData\Roaming"-Path, even if it is there. In this case enter the folder name manually in your Windows-Explorer. If the Data-folder is not there, you have to create it first.

Here's a screenshot of the result of my testgame with the mod:
(77.62 KiB) Downloaded 224 times

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