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Fixed Resolution

Post by Puukario » Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:35 am


After the Installer finished and the Game opens up my Monitor shows my that DoW runs native in 1024*768 Fullscreen or Windowed. In Fullscreen the Text & Graphics are blurry & Garbled. Only in Windowed 1024*768 are text & Graphics clean. Meaning: There is no Scaling of the Fonts & Graphics.

It's 2014 and so most PC User (the ones with deep pockets to feed their craving) have 1080p Monitors at their Desk and even modern Laptops have 1600*900 Resolutions.

So here my Question:
How to change Resolution?

If Resolution is Fixed @ 1024*768 will there be Support in the near Future to Support modern Resolutions?

If not how to get my Money back?
Seriously i don't Support fixed 1024*768 Resolution in 2014 Products.

Even Fantasy Kommander has Retro Look but Scaling for higher Resolutions.

Thanks for an Answer.

Best Regards a grumpy Customer

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