In Frontline: Road to Moscow, players take command of the German army through some of the most famous battles of World War II, leading the mighty Wehrmacht on towards Moscow.
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Post by Erik2 » Fri May 30, 2014 9:07 am

Enjoy the game, simple mechanics, nice graphics, adequate sounds.

A few comments, suggestions and probable bugs. Some of these have probably been mentioned by others as well. Sorry about the somewhat random list.
Edit: tested on iPad2. Latest version (which should display on the front-page, please).

Add Undo button.

Some way of displaying that you have selected a new scenario location or used the Load button, even a distinc sound would help.

Add equipment specific movement and attack sound. When I use a Stuka I want to hear the characteristic whining sound.

Add a bit of fog-of-war for units behind hills/woods etc. Currently the only fog-of-war I have encounterede is the 'natural' one. And it is very hard even to spot your own units in the fog.

Please remove the 'Do you like this game' nag. Gets pretty annoying after popping up 10-15 times.

I think air strikes are a bit expensive, 300pts would give you 2 inf units.
Add different kinds of plane strikes, He111 for silencing an AA unit, a Ju87 for taking out a tank, a Bf109 for attacking enemy planes.
Add enemy fighters/bombers to regular scenarios.

Bugette: artillery transport requires 2 clicks to move.

Mortar attacks should have an attack distance of minimum 2 hexes. No direct shooting within 100 meters.

The Russian rocket attack results are hard to see during the enemy turn. Maybe stay focused on the victim a couple of seconds longer.

Allow artillery to provide friendly support fire while stationed next to an attacked unit. Similar to PzC.

AT inf range 200 meters is too powerful, especially against well-armored tanks.

Regular inf attacks against armor should only be allowed next to the enemy unit.

AI tends to favor inf as targets for tanks and vice versa. It looks like the algorithm only looks at distance to enemy units. This puts the AI at a disadvantage.

Optional victory. I found using supply, reinforcement, special ability is a strange victory type.

The prestige pts displayed on the strategic map is odd. It does not relate to the pts you get in the next scenario.

SP art should maybe be able to move after attacking.

Display range after attack as well. this would facilitate tactical movement after the attack.

Recon units should be able to split their total movement between before/after attack.

Ability to select all scenarios at random after you have finished the campaign(s).

LOS-tool. Often you want to see where you can move a unit to a 'safe' location. Click and hold on a hex. This could also give you info on the terrain with attack/defense modifiers.

Flamethrower is somewhat useless against a pillbox. This is just plain wrong.


Demyansk Pocket:
Ambulance icon = Panzer IIIF

There are two identical 15cm art avialable in the shop
Missing Optional victory txt

BUG. Load button triggers fair victory.

Optional sniper victory, but there is no unit with sniper ability available as far as I see.

He115 icon = Bf109
Bf109 better at sub attack than the Ju87?
Naval vessels should move towards the map edge trying to escape. Would add some urgency to the mission.

Missing objective names and tool tips.

Goliath icon = Truck. (Also blank abilities/initiative. Sorry, my notes are a bit unclear).

Optional victory = finish in 20 turns. Need turn no easily displayed, maybe discreetly on map.

If you place the inf in Slavhorod, it turns into the invisible man.
Bug. Load button opens the scenario, but you cannot move/attack, only add supply.

That's all folks

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Re: Comments

Post by IonutG » Fri May 30, 2014 12:04 pm

Hi Erik

Thank you for all the great feedback.
We have in plan fixing the issues addressed and also do some further balancing.
You were right on most of the points and you will see changes in further versions.

Thank you for taking the time and giving such great feedback.



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Re: Comments

Post by Erik2 » Mon Jun 09, 2014 10:49 am

Thanks for listening. Here are some additional comments after finishing all scenarios, add-on campaigns included.
Txt is copied/written on the iPad so a bit jumbled.

Has this one really been play tested? Too few units and supply points against hordes of Russian units
Bofors AA indirect fire over woods.
B4 art can move and fire in one turn, why not the German SPA like Hummel and Wespe?
Regular Russian inf inflicting critical damage on a Konig Tiger at 200m? No way
AA too powerful against armor? Splitting up the flak units in 37mm and 88mm units would be more interesting.
Fresh stationary units should always fire first, regardless of player turn.
Add opportunity fire when units enter within range of enemy units. Units should fire at proper enemies, tanks vs tanks etc. You could add a global option and maybe a trigger/option pr unit similar to Battle Academy.

Capturing para supply, txt = train station
Gustav icon = Pak 42
Silly duel between Gustav and Maxim where the Russian gun keeps on resupplying and taking damage in a seemingly endless boring loop. Increase the strength of the Maxim and drop the resupply.

Regular inf damaging armor at 300m should not be possible. This is the job for AT-inf.
Once more the peculiar fog where you are unable to see what kind of unit is hiding. Regular FOW is welcome.
Armor and inf unable to move next to river, the movement hexes indicate they can.
PzC IV-F1, no Initative bonus after destroying unit?
Why receiving lots of points when you can only buy supply?

Option to hide txt messages. Now you need to shut it down every scenario.
Lower the supply panel but keep the supply icon after clicking supply. It is difficult to supply units on bottom of map.
Pz Gren and flak cannot entrench ?
Add Pz Gren transport, truck early, 251 later
Entrench option should be greyed out after use, otherwise you remove it if you click a second time. You would never remove entrenchment for a stationary unit anyway.

Sukinichi? Headline says Brest again
Major victory = stop the Russians occupying Syehavka, but scenario ends when Germans occupy unknown town...

German setup with light armor in front will get slaughtered. Difficult to move them behind the frontline.

Kharkov 3
Pak43 88mm add trench ability when earned.

Snow in June?

End screen with totals for all scenarios.


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Re: Comments

Post by IonutG » Tue Jul 29, 2014 4:38 pm

Hi guys,

Thank yo for the feedback,
We will make sure to fix these bug in a future update,



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