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Legions of Steel - Meet the Commandos

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 1:00 pm
by Daniele
Planet after planet the Machines are expanding their Empire over the Galaxy. Scattered and isolated even the most powerful civilizations are forced to fall back to avoid extinction.

The only way to halt the steel nightmares seems to be to infiltrate and destroy their underground production facilities. Soon all the major races start to train joint Special Forces in order to achieve this goal and repel the invaders.

These bravest of the brave are called The Commandos!

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The backbone of every Commando squad, these basic shock troops are well trained and flexible for most tactical situations

Those who survived some battles against the Machines have the task to inspire the rookies and to keep them united

Heavy Weapon
In the grim and narrow tunnels of the Machines, superior firepower is often required. These soldiers have a rate of fire double that of normal troops

Hardened veterans able to boost the soldiers with their movements or combat points