Using Paint.Net to edit DDS files

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Using Paint.Net to edit DDS files

Post by Hoplite1963 » Fri Oct 17, 2014 11:45 am

It looks to me as if it should be possible to edit the DDS format files for the game using the free Paint.Net graphics program. This opens up the possibility of being able to make customised unit graphics.

In addition to the software itself there are a number of free PDF guides for Paint.Net available over the internet, and video tutorials there on how to use it.
Was this software used to create the unit graphics files for the game, and if not could it be used to modify them and make new ones? If so are there any specific issues modders would need to bear in mind?


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Post by RobGraat » Fri Oct 17, 2014 2:15 pm

Hi Ian,

I used PhotoShop CC. As an alternative you could also try Gimp.

Some things to keep in mind:
  • Custom scenario made in the editor:
    • Units load the default texture in Data/Battle/UnitTextures
    • Create a new map in TYW containing your new textures or add to an existing folder if you add an entirely new unit.
    • Based on the base campaign you have selected when creating your map, you can select different unit textures in the editor, see manual.
    • Example for custom scenarios:
      • Create new scenario based on the English Civil War campaign.
      • Copy the folder and contents of \Campaigns\2EnglishCivilWar\DATA\Battle\UnitTextures\ECW_Parliamentarian and rename it to ECW_Cherubs
      • Edit any textures in this new folder. Do not rename them.
      • In the Editor select Unit Placement Mode using the correct side number.
      • Select the Parliamentarian unit in the list for which you want to change the texture.
      • Use the Unit Textures button to select ECW_Cherubs
  • Random scenarios:
    The game automatically uses textures of the factions used in the scenario. For example, Royalist units search for their textures in Campaigns\2EnglishCivilWar\DATA\Battle\UnitTextures\ECW_Royalist
    The filenames of the texture should correspond with the filename of the model. For example, Pike_Musket_Veteran_RG_0.s4f uses as its texture.
  • There is a limit of I believe 16 subfolders in UnitTextures. As the core campaign already has 11, you can only add a maximum of 5. If you plan to add more folders to for example the Italian Wars, you can only add 1 as there already are 4 in Campaigns\3ItalianWars\DATA\Battle\UnitTextures.
The Battle Academy modding forums might provide you with some more detailed info regarding adding units.

If there is interest, I could make some standard grey unit textures so that you would only need to add a colour layer.


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Re: Using Paint.Net to edit DDS files

Post by rbodleyscott » Fri Oct 17, 2014 2:22 pm

Although you can only have 16 texture folders (including those in the campaign plus the core TYW ones in \data\Battle\UnitTextures) there is nothing to stop you using one of the existing folders for more than one army, provided that they don't have units in common.

e.g. You could use the TYW_Spanish folder to include Russian units provided that they have no units in common (or you don't mind them using the same texture for any units that are held in common).
Richard Bodley Scott


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