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forum linking doesn't work

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 1:24 pm
by zakblood
im sorry to say, just found out i missed out on a beta test because forum linking between both here and matrix still doesn't work as it should.

have done it now more than a few times, login is fine, forum here also tbh can be slow some time... but thats a mute point and not the point of this main post / thread topic

but don't get any errors login, what i do get errors at, is when try to sign up for beta here, it either says username unknown or i have already applied, only later to be told that none was received from me, which is very strange and not very helpful for those who wish to help out tbh.

if i sign up for something and don't get picked / selected because i don't meet the req etc, thats fine, but if i don't get through because the system lost me in the first place, well thats out of my hands and can do nothing about it other than say sorry to those who asked me to join in, in the first place, as i keep being told that they can't ask me directly, i need to sign up for them etc, which isn't very helpful if the system does or doesn't work all of the time, so none or only some are received, now i never know if i sign up weather it will or wont work on both sites, so suggest another way is also needed, an external email maybe? with your details attached for both sites , as for me the present way of signing up for betas is a bit hit and miss between the 2 sites...