Winning The Battle Of Lutter

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Re: Winning The Battle Of Lutter

Post by acarhj » Wed Jan 04, 2017 3:36 pm

I won it a couple of nights ago by using the advice here and variations. My left side cavalry was moved to the center and right. I did use the mounted Arquibusers to fight the commanded shot along with a small battalion of infantry. I used an angled line of tercios (5 or 6 I think) to delay the advancing Imperials. On the right of that line I defeated their lone late tercio. Serendipity! The pursuit caused the imperials to commit 3 of their large tercios (2 superior) to attack that lone modern tercio that broke through. In the enter, use your artillery to point the superior tercio in the center. You have to reposition 2 of your gun batteries. The right and river are well documented. You can move to the edge of the river. The imperial cavalry will enter the river. You cannot attack them because you will be fighting at the same disorder level. They will not attack you either as they will be at a severe disadvantage. I did overwhelm the enemy left (my right) with tercios and battalions of infantry. At some point I crossed the river to silence their light battery. In the center I crossed the river with cavalry to silence their heavy batteries. The enemy left will eventually be caaught in a vice. The enemy right will have caused some damage at this point but will largely be pretty exhausted. I won this one 62 to 48. Not a pretty fight but a win never the less.

I am not fond of this scenario. Like above, it does make you maneuver your inferior army so you are fighting at an advantage in two parts of the field while fighting a delaying action in the other part of the field. Ultimately, it was rough becaue I had to play it 4 times. 3 times with advice! Just kind of soul crushing. :D

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