Battle of Fornovo

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Battle of Fornovo

Post by Rmarsden » Tue Jan 06, 2015 5:29 am

This was an interesting battle in which over-confident Italians need to attack the French army on the move. While the the Italians have a great starting position on one side of a river, their cavalry automatically crosses it before you as the general can take command.

My first attempt was to bring the rest of the army to bear and match up to the French as best I was able. This resulted in an embarrassing route as French cavalry smashed through my own and foot-soldiers failed to stand long against the French onslaught. If only the King of France would bump his head on a doorframe and die! (Which he did later).

Trying a second time, I realized my army was somewhat outclassed, except the Arquebusiers whose fire was impressive and even in melee they did well enough against other similar troops.

Rather than following my haughty cavalry across the river, the majority of my army stayed on the banks. I had my leading cavalry elements turn around and go back the way they had come. The impetuous and ill-advised charge became a feint to draw in the enemy.

On the ride, I had a horde of light cavalry, waiting patiently for the battle to begin in earnest.

The AI was not incredibly clever, and chased what was presented before it, marching toward the river where my pike blocks were waiting. They either had to charge across a river into pikes, or sit back while my crossbowmen and my arquebusiers delivered concentrated fire. Bit by bit the French army was chewed up.

Soon as the French army was engaged, my cavalry on my right swung wide around the battle to target the French artillery as well as light crossbowmen who could only evade for so long. French efforts to counter my cavalry ended up weakening their army at the river, costing them dear and me little.

Despite my plan, it was still a near-run thing. My line was stretched to the limit along the river with no reserves and any French breakthrough could have rolled me up. Thankfully, the French attack, which was not concentrated and distracted by my cavalry, faded and collapsed leading to a general and sudden route of nearly the entire army.


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