Battle of Novara

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Battle of Novara

Post by Rmarsden » Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:37 am

Commanding the French, you are ambushed on all sides by determined Swiss, almost entirely foot. The largest features of note are a swamp and forest.

This battle is very easy and is a lesson on the value of mixed arms, and not engaging higher quality troops in a head to head match. Before the scenario starts you are forewarned that the Swiss are almost entirely foot.

I selected mostly ranged and cavalry units in my army and decided I'd end up playing like a Mongol with hit and run tactics.

The initial disposition does indeed have the French attacked on all sides, but the Swiss are just as dispersed as the French because of it. Even the ambushing Swiss in the woods are isolated as soon as they emerge.

Using my cavalry, arquebusiers and crossbowmen I harassed the Swiss pike formations, while my own infantry entered the swamp that runs parallel to the north/south road. Unable to catch my cavalry, and with their numbers declining, two of the Swiss pursued my pike into the swamp, which I promptly fell back out of so that when our forces collided, they were in the swamp and I was not. Despite a greatly superior position, and some initial peppering, it took my pike-units a considerable amount of time to break the Swiss pikeblocks. Two other Swiss pike unit chased my cavalry around the map and thus remained out of the battle. The remaining Swiss pike was shot up, but eventually engaged one of my pike units on open ground, but by then I had a nearby pike unit that was free and able to maneuver behind the melee and break them.

The other Swiss foot, such as their arquebusers were overwhelmed by my light cavalry very quickly at the start of the battle.

The Swiss routed my slow artillery units (which failed to escape despite a slow-speed chase), one of my cavalry units that I had forgot to move, and their cavalry cracked one of mine, but then ran off the field never to be seen again. No other losses.

13% to 50% and it was all over.

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