"MAPVIEW.TXT" file optimised for plotting the relative posit

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"MAPVIEW.TXT" file optimised for plotting the relative posit

Post by Hoplite1963 » Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:34 pm

Hi Guys
The first mod made available in the forum for Pike & Shot was Adebar's "Improved Zoom Mod" which set out how you can make customised versions of the "MAPVIEW.TXT" file. In order to get a closer look at the battlefield, and supplied an example.

For gaming purposes there are limits to how much you want to zoom in as the graphic images for units have been designed to make them look good on mass. And in my view this is one of the real strengths of the game.

However as I have got further into modding the game and start to work on customised unit textures I have revisited Adebar's "Improved Zoom Mod" work in order to produce a version of the "MAPVIEW.TXT" that enables me to get up really close and personal with units in the 3D environment to relate the relative position of the flags shown on the unit with those in Its Unit texture file and also to see how the modded unit texture files I have created look in practice.

I thought others might find it useful to experiment with the file both for modding purposes and also to have a nose around the Pike & Shot 3D environment. While it's not designed to be viewed like this it actually looks quite good when fully zoomed in and in many ways reminds me of the original "Combat Mission Beyond Overlord" game which by the way I still play. To give you an idea of what things look like I have attached an up close screenshot taken (using the "Snipping Tool") with my "MAPVIEW.TXT" file installed of a Catholic League Pike & Shot unit in 3D from Adebar's Battle of Stadtlohn scenario ,which also shows his pioneering flag work off to advantage I think. You can download a zipped version of my "MAPVIEW.TXT" file from the Dropbox link below.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/543 ... 0Hunts.zip

The "MAPVIEW.TXT" file is in the "Data" folder of the game so and this is very important before unzipping my version of the "MAPVIEW.TXT" file make a backup version of the one that came with the game. Then and only then delete the original "MAPVIEW.TXT" file in the "Data" folder and then place the zip file for my "MAPVIEW.TXT" file in it and then right click on it and choose the "extract to here option. Its probably a good idea to make a backup copy of my "MAPVIEW.TXT" file as well in a folder differentiating it from the backed up original one. That way once you have finished exploring the Pike & Shot 3D world you can just delete my version of the "MAPVIEW.TXT" and replace it with the original Slitherine one until next time you want to get up close and personal with a pike block.

Catholic League Pike & Shot unit in 3D.jpg
Catholic League Pike & Shot unit in 3D.jpg (108.57 KiB) Viewed 1627 times

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Re: "MAPVIEW.TXT" file optimised for plotting the relative p

Post by nikdav » Fri Jul 03, 2015 8:56 pm

Ian, i use already a modified mapview file but your estreme file is fantastic, you can see the battlefield as the generals on the ground !
Good Job, i adopt your mapview !

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