regarding Eylau1807 by edward 77

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Bussy zu Pferd
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regarding Eylau1807 by edward 77

Post by Bussy zu Pferd » Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:07 am

Thanks edward77 first of all for Ligny and Eylau scenario
Is there a way to reduce musket range? right now musket appears to have the same range as
I'm aware that the French have regimental guns and the unit had special qualities.
(can these units be substituted by 1 infantry regiment unit and a separate 1 4 lbs gun unit?
French guard also has special qualities regarding volley and melee.
Is it possible to tweek down the musket range down to 3 hexes? without having to change the code.
Also as a general question about moving and firing:
volley fire from standing still vs moving , the first should be deadlier.
sight to target with friendlies in the way:
why is the volley so devastating as times as the whole target is not visible (unless the firer is on higher elevation)
therefore only fewer muskets can actually volley...looking for a reduction is what I'm saying.
I played the American Revolutionary war scenario and I've noticed that artillery can move by
horse: is this a feature available in the game or was it modded?
If it was modded can the mod be applied to early Napoleonic period ?
Thank You for your time and a hard game challenge

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Re: regarding Eylau1807 by edward 77

Post by edward77 » Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:22 pm

Thanks Bussy, I think most of your questions can be best answered by Richard (Slitherine) or Odenathus who is the author of the Napoleonic mods.
Normally in P&S muskets cannot fire as far as Light Artillery. However Odenathus' Napoleonic mods introduced Rifle volleys with longer range and Close Assault speciality.
Don't know about reducing musket range. Never tried it.
An RG unit has a Regimental gun invented by the Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus and subsequently adopted by many other armies.
Artillery can be moved but adding a limber adds to the unit count which is critical in a large scenario because of the 64 unit limit. So I did not use limbers.
As far as I know altering range of artillery is very difficult. As you may have noted in Eylau they still fire to targets beyond the visibility range.
Volley fire is more deadly when not moving or turning but the angles for sight are relatively simple.

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Re: regarding Eylau1807 by edward 77

Post by Odenathus » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:42 am

Hi, Ed's pretty well answered this clearly but from my point of view

I think, Bussy you're confusing muskets with the integral guns attached to each brigade. As Ed says, normally in P&S scenarios the artllery is a shown as individual units which, when moving, have a limber unit attached. Because P&S is designed to cover an era when artillery was relatively limited, the later and larger battles make it difficult to show the correct amount of artillery (because there's a limit to how many units the engine will support). One way is to abandon the limber units, and give artillery its own integral movement points. Another is to mod the existing regimental guns, which in P&S are very short-range, to let them fire a lot further, and consider them as the lighter pieces attached to each brigade. But because they can fire, it doesn't mean that the musketeers in the brigade are also firing. I think that if you look carefully Richard modded the units to distinguish between smoke from the artillery and smoke from the musketeers in the same brigade (unit). Eylau is further complicated by the fact that Ed has included a small proportion of longer-ranged rifles in the brigades: I presume these represent the light infantry skirmishers - again, there are not enough slots in the game engine to represent them all by individual units, and they would be very small anyway. Although musketeers can move and still fire, the effect is reduced. The Line of Sight rules in this game are very generous: if you look at previous posts you'll find some comments on that topic, and I think someone did produce a mod to narrow them down. But it's all big picture stuff, we mustn't be too picky.

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