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Community Version New Mechanics for Modders

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:47 am
by deranzo
Hello people.

As you know, I have developed some new unit and weapon traits/mechanics. Here is explanation for all of them. Consider them when you are developing new mods or modifying existing ones.

1- "Heavy" weapon trait: If a unit with this weapon trait moves first, it fires with decreased accuracy because of weapon's weight/size.
2- "InfantryKiller" weapon trait: Flame and chemical based weapons have devastating effects for infantry such as Inferno Cannon, Chem Cannon, Heavy Flamer etc. So, a weapon with this trait does more damage to infantry than to vehicle. But also does less damage to vehicles than infantry. Approximately 1-5 point of more damage to infantry and 1-5 point of less damage to vehicles than older mechanic.
"TankHunter" weapon trait: This trait works with same mechanic as InfantryKiller with difference only for some anti-tank weapons of Orks.
If you use InfantryKiller and/or TankHunter traits, you must use "Infantry" unit trait is added to infantry and new "Vehicle" traits as well to properly use InfantryKiller and TankHunter mechanic.
3- "MoveAndShoot" unit trait: Some units are adapted to heavy weapons and they don't get effected from weapon's weight/size. So they can move and shoot with full efficency if this trait is written in their traits list.
4- "GrindingAdvance" unit trait: Some Leman Russ tank variants (Conqueror and Annihilator) can fire 2 times if they don't move. But if they fire second time, they can't move anymore in that turn.
5- "Melta" weapon trait: If a unit with "Melta" weapon trait is adjacent to an enemy, that weapon does significantly more damage rather than firing 2 hex away.

Re: Community Version New Mechanics for Modders

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:50 pm
by Aekar
Hello Deranzo, thank you for his post and for this great addition :)

I wanted to put here the traits in popular demand, or the ones required to make mods much better.
You may already have seen these requests made by Xadie but years ago;.
I try to put in focus some of them which are already very important in current new mods such as mine.

The traits I need absolulety:

Weapon Traits:
"OneShot" - this weapon can only be used once per scenario.

If the Ammo attribute could be used for weapons, that would actually also be great.
10 being for infinite ammo and any othr number for the amount of times the weapon can be used in a battle.

Other traits mentioned by the community:
(I put in color the only one I find extremely important to implement mods)

Unit Traits

"IgnoreZOC" - Unit ignores Zone of Control of enemy untis and can move freely even partially surrounded. Would be a great trait for air units.
"FastDisembarkment" - the unit can disembark at any time regardless of how many movement points have been spend. So basically the infantry unit can move with the full movement allowance of the transport but then attack with their own weapons.
"sequentialmovement" - the unit can spend all its movement points over the course of several movement orders in one turn and also can fire in between.

"flanker" - When the unit attacks the target can't retaliate.

"disorderly" - The unit with this traits suffers from frequent disorder among it's ranks and is generally poorly lead. The unit loses morale at the double rate. Great trait for a lot of ork units, hive militia etc.
"fear" - all adjacent enemies of the unit with this trait lose morale per turn.
"neveralone" - the unit doesn't like to stay alone on the field. When not adjacent to a friendly unit it will constantly lose morale per turn.

"regeneration X" - the unit repairs/regenerates X wounds per round. Does not revive already dead squad members.

Weapon Traits

"moveorshoot" - weapons with this trait cannot be fired after the unit has moved.
"[class]Killer" - something you are already implementing; with +100 % damage or something like it against the enemy of mentioned class; on the random +1 to +5 dmg you implemented. If we follow current implementation, it would also mean adding other traits for other classes.
"[class]Immune" - opposite, the weapon cannot damage units of the immune class/trait.
"heavyhits" - each weapon hit causes x2 number of wounds. Trait to properly implement low rate of fire weapons that have devastating effects on the enemy if they hit.
"squadweapon" - the weapon is a squad support weapon. Number of shots don't scale with squad size. And as long as 1 member of the squad exists it is assumed the squad weapon is still functional.

I did not put "getshot" or "deathweapon" which was mentioned too.
To me everything is low priority except the ones in color which are high priority.

Re: Community Version New Mechanics for Modders

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:49 pm
by Aekar
Added the Ammo attribute request.
I'll edit first post with traits requests.